Bacterial meningitis
Unilateral interstitial lung disease in a woman aged 35 years
Congenital anomaly of the posterior arch of the atlas
Novel approach for independent control of brain hypothermia and systemic normothermia
Basilar stroke from a persistent hypoglossal artery
Stentriever thrombectomy with distal protection device for carotid free floating thrombus
Delayed diagnosis of fractured anterior arch of the atlas in a young child
Blood, brain and binocular vision
Refractory primary immune thrombocytopenia with subsequent del(5q) MDS
Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction associated with abdominal paracentesis
When dizziness becomes sinister
Pouch pseudoaneurysm
Cystic lymphangioma of spleen in adults
Pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as post-operative fever of unknown origin
Donor-derived mycosis fungoides following reduced intensity haematopoietic stem cell transplantation from a matched unrelated donor
Cephalic tetanus as a differential diagnosis of facial nerve palsy
103-year-old on dialysis
Corticosteroid-induced cryptococcal meningitis in patient without HIV
Supra and infratentorial ectopic schwannoma mimicking a meningioma
Contained ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm presenting as cauda equina syndrome
Delivering patient-centred care in rural family practice
Strongyloides hyperinfection syndrome and VRE pneumonia
Pancreatic lymphoma complicating early stage chronic hepatitis C
Gluteal compartment syndrome with sciatic nerve palsy caused by traumatic rupture of the inferior gluteal artery
Acute traumatic renal arteriocalyceal fistula
Multiple pregnancy in a primigravida with uncorrected Pentalogy of Fallot
A rare cause of constrictive pericarditis
Jejunal perforation
Lumbo-costo-vertebral syndrome with inguinal hernia and other anomalies
Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid with complete response to radical radiotherapy and concurrent cisplatin-based chemotherapy
ECG changes in hyperemesis gravidarum
Secondary asplenia as a complication of severe Meningococcal Sepsis
Spontaneous retroperitoneal haematoma resulting in bowel ischaemia
Not so patchy story of attempted suicide…leading to 24 hours of deep sleep and survival!
Mycobacterium chelonae hand infection after steroid injection in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis receiving long-term linezolid therapy
Intraoperative OCT assisted descemetopexy with stromal vent incisions and intracameral gas injection for case of non-resolving Descemet's membrane detachment
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) presenting as a strangulated inguinal hernia with small bowel obstruction
Spontaneous rupture of renal angiomyolipoma during pregnancy
Prominent metalware from pelvic surgery causing dyspareunia
Rumpel-Leede phenomenon in a patient with adult-onset Still's disease
Unexpected complication of colonoscopy
Successful treatment of Takayasu arteritis with rituximab as a first-line immunosuppressant
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of severe leg ulcers from prolidase deficiency
Paradoxical insomnia in a patient taking zopiclone
First reported case of disseminated Nocardia kroppenstedtii sp nov. infection presenting with brain abscess and endocarditis in an immunocompromised patient with mantle cell lymphoma
Dabigatran-related leukocytoclastic vasculitis
Short-term treatment with oral amiodarone resulting in bilateral optic neuropathy and permanent blindness
Benign cystic mediastinal teratoma presenting as a massive pleural effusion in a 17-year–old boy
Primitive neuroectodermal tumour of the cervix
Cerebral venous thrombosis as the first presentation of classical homocystinuria in an adult patient
Pain in the neck
TB or not to be? Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease
Gambling disorder
Splenomegaly in the returning traveller
Disseminated adenovirus infection causing severe ARDS
Tuberculous scleral abscess with choroidal detachment
Novel sleep management method in a toddler displaying fear and trauma
Optical coherence tomography angiography and fundus autofluorescence in the eyes with choroideremia
Rare presentation of Brodie's abscess in the acromion process and the value of the penumbra sign
Interesting association of neurofibroma with diffuse cystic lung disease (NF-DLD)
Hirayama disease; an atypical clinical manifestation of a cervical myelopathy with typical MRI features
Complications of dysgerminoma
Rare case of haemoptysis
Recurrent angioedema associated with pharmacological inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase IV
Late presentation of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with apical aneurysm
Intracranial infection caused by minor skin contusion associated with previous craniotomy
Inadvertently boarding a pirate ship
Rare and unusual case of polyarteritis nodosa involving the gastrointestinal tract leading to bowel gangrene
Successful pregnancy following treatment of recurrent chronic histiocytic intervillositis
Primary sarcomatoid carcinoma of the small intestine
‘Bizarre’ rash
Disseminated histoplasmosis presenting as diabetic keto-acidosis in an immunocompetent patient
Surgical resection of a rare cutaneous manifestation of Scedosporium apiospermum in a patient who underwent renal transplant
Indian erythrodermic postkala-azar dermal leishmaniasis
Metastatic endometrial endometrioid carcinoma mimicking pilomatrixoma of the distal vagina
Mucormycosis pulmonary abscess, containment in a patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
Deceiving proteins! A case of lymphoma and high creatinine
Oesophageal presentation of Crohn's disease
Lhermitte-Duclos disease associated to Cowden syndrome
Epirubicin extravasation
De novo 2p16.1 microdeletion with metastatic esophageal adenocarcinoma
Postoperative Mycoplasma hominis brain abscess
Fluctuating drowsiness following cardiac catheterisation
Rivaroxaban lessens the number of thrombi in the left atrium and right lower pulmonary vein, as illustrated by transoesophageal echocardiography but not 80-MDCT
Thumb and index finger macrodactyly with first carpometacarpal and scaphotrapezotrapezoidal joints fusion
Flaccid paralysis in an infant associated with a dirty wound and application of honey
Concurrent pityriasis rosea and Bell's palsy
Contralateral inguinal herniation of a transplant ureter causing obstructive uropathy in a renal transplant recipient
Atypical presentation of Bezold's and Citelli's abscesses, with recollection following an incomplete postoperative course of antibiotics
Unexpected complication after radical (inguinal) orchidectomy
Clostridium hastiforme bacteraemia secondary to pyometra in a 64-year-old woman
Dieulafoy's lesion of the oesophagus
Atrophic pityriasis versicolor occurring in a patient with Sjögren's syndrome
Subcorneal pustular dermatosis and episcleritis associated with poorly controlled ulcerative colitis
Perioperative management of a large, late presenting phaeochromocytoma
Sepsis and siderosis, Yersinia enterocolitica and hereditary haemochromatosis
Migrating coil
Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the tongue
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma involving a femur bone and bilateral adrenal glands alone with adrenal insufficiency
Is haloperidol the wonder drug for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome?
Persistent anterior interosseous nerve palsy following forearm crutch use
Peril of missing a double gall bladder
Portomesenteric vein thrombosis after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity
Hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer syndrome
Bilateral indwelling pleural catheter for hepatic hydrothorax
Vitreous base avulsion
Upper lobe cavity with intracavitary mass
Radial artery pseudoaneurysm
Pacemaker pocket infection due to Mycobacterium goodii, a rapidly growing mycobacteria
Successful survival of an extreme premature infant with cystic fibrosis
Late spontaneous decapsulation of the kidney graft in a patient with hepatitis C and treated with sirolimus
Ocular surface squamous neoplasia treated with topical interferon α 2b
Replaced right and left hepatic arteries
Proteinase 3-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-positive ulcerative colitis presenting with abducens neuropathy
Very late rupture of a post-traumatic abdominal aortic pseudoaneurysm
Foamy gland variant of adenocarcinoma of prostate
Autoimmune hepatitis and eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis
Hepatitis E virus infection in a patient with suspected drug-induced liver injury
Hypotension induced by the concomitant use of a calcium-channel blocker and clarithromycin
Bluish nodules of the breast in an adolescent girl
Prolonged indirect hyperbilirubinemia in a moderately preterm boy with Mediterranean glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione S-transferase Mu 1 null mutations
Atraumatic splenic rupture secondary to Epstein-Barr virus infection
Role of endobronchial ultrasound scan in the diagnosis and management of intrapulmonary bronchogenic cyst misdiagnosed by low-dose CT scan of the chest as lung mass
Bilateral presence of radix entomolaris in first and second permanent mandibular molars identified in a Caucasian woman
Ingestion of cylindrical batteries and its management
Traumatic septal coronary perforation after a motor vehicle collision
Bilateral thigh methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus necrotising fasciitis in a man with newly diagnosed Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Child with multiple fractures
Wunderlich's syndrome as a manifestation of polyarteritis nodosa
Idiosyncratic drug reactions and membranous glomerulopathy
Ecthyma gangrenosum in a case of acute lymphoblastic lymphoma
Superficial temporal artery haemorrhage caused by neurophysiological monitoring
Topical timolol for the treatment of pyoderma gangrenosum
Disseminated melioidosis in the head and neck
Successful treatment of tumour-induced osteomalacia after resection of an oral peripheral ossifying fibroma
Concomitant orbital cavernous haemangioma and schwannoma in a patient
Haemodialysis in acute paracetamol poisoning
Healing of pathological fracture in a case of multiple myeloma
Lymphoma presenting as a toothache
Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis arising in a patient with Graves’ disease
Acute mania after levothyroxine replacement for hypothyroid-induced heart block
Combined central retinal artery and vein occlusion in lupus
Giant renal oncocytoma with classic stellate scar
Aplasia cutis congenita and amniotic band syndrome
Paralysis that easily reverses
Pulmonary actinomycosis
Angioedema in a patient with neuroendocrine tumour
Severe pulmonary arterial hypertension in a patient with small ventricular septal defect
Taxan-associated nail toxicity
Residual terminal bowel fistulating into the alimentary tract
Painful purpura associated with exposure to levamisole-adulterated cocaine