Planning and leading a multidisciplinary colloquium to explore the epistemology of improvement
Systems of service : reflections on the moral foundations of improvement
Heterogeneity : we can't live with it, and we can't live without it
Can evidence-based medicine and clinical quality improvement learn from each other?
Understanding the conditions for improvement : research to discover which context influences affect improvement success
The epistemology of quality improvement : it's all Greek
Reconciling complexity and classification in quality improvement research
The contribution of case study research to knowledge of how to improve quality of care
The meaning of variation to healthcare managers, clinical and health-services researchers, and individual patients
Five main processes in healthcare : a citizen perspective
Beyond evidence : the micropolitics of improvement
Problems and promises of innovation : why healthcare needs to rethink its love/hate relationship with the new
Clarity and strength of implications for practice in medical journal articles : an exploratory analysis
Building an integrated methodology of learning that can optimally support improvements in healthcare
Intergroup relationships and quality improvement in healthcare
Expert patients : learning from HIV
Ten tips for incorporating scientific quality improvement into everyday work
Multidisciplinary centres for safety and quality improvement : learning from climate change science
Mainstreaming quality and safety : a reformulation of quality and safety education for health professions students
Creating safety by strengthening clinicians' capacity for reflexivity
Increasing the generalisability of improvement research with an improvement replication programme
Analytical studies : a framework for quality improvement design and analysis
Confessions of a chagrined trialist
So what? Now what? Exploring, understanding and using the epistemologies that inform the improvement of healthcare