Improving teamwork in healthcare : current approaches and the path forward
Displaying random variation in comparing hospital performance
Effectiveness of collaborative improvement : evidence from 27 applications in 12 less-developed and middle-income countries
The development of quality indicators for community pharmacy care
Process support for risk mitigation : a case study of variability and resilience in vascular surgery
Effects of hospital-wide interventions to improve care for frail older inpatients : a systematic review
Development and validation of a tool to improve paediatric referral/consultation communication
Interest of the preliminary risk analysis method in a central sterile supply department
The roles of practice systems and individual effort in quality performance
Pre-surgery briefings and safety climate in the operating theatre
Towards saving a million bed days : reducing length of stay through an acute oncology model of care for inpatients diagnosed as having cancer
Reduction of central line infections in Veterans Administration intensive care units : an observational cohort using a central infrastructure to support learning and improvement
Safety implications of missed test results for hospitalised patients : the use of electronic discharge summary systems
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