Third World Debt.
Prostitution : Would Legalisation Help?
How Safe is Tamoxifen?
Long Term Management of Patients After Splenectomy.
Alcohol and Heart Disease : The Implications of the U-shaped Curve.
Brief Interventions for Alcohol Misuse.
Interactions Between People's Diet and their Smoking Habits : The Dietary and Nutritional Survey of British Adults.
Associations of Serum Lipid Concentrations and Obesity with Mortality in Women : 20 Year Follow Up of Participants in Prospective Population Study in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Association of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism in Alcohol Dehydrogenase 2 Gene with Alcohol Induced Liver Damage.
Case-control Study of Prostatic Cancer in Employees of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.
Antibiotic Induced Fatigue.
Pneumococcal Vaccination After Splenectomy : Survey of Hospital and Primary Care Records.
Hyponatraemia and Catatonic Stupor After Taking "Ecstasy".
Organising Midwifery Led Care in the Netherlands.
Filling the Lacuna Between Research and Practice : An Interview with Michael Peckham.
Lesson of the Week : Increased Risk of Sepsis After Splenectomy.
Minimally Invasive Surgery : Treatment of Urinary Tract Stones.
German Blood Scandal.
Impact of Menopausal Symptoms.
Impact of Menopausal Symptoms.
Impact of Menopausal Symptoms.
Impact of Menopausal Symptoms.
Free Radicals and Vascular Disease.
Intraoperative Use of Thrombolytic Agents.
Intraoperative Use of Thrombolytic Agents.
Over the Counter Drugs in Bangladesh.
Taking Babies' Rectal Temperature.
Community Treatment of Severe Psychiatric Illness.
Career Paths for Doctors.
Career Paths for Doctors.
Zidovudine Dosage.
Marketing Infant Formulas.
Public Opinion and the NHS.
Which Insufflation Gas for Laparoscopy?
Provision of Paediatric Intensive Care.
Selective Abortion in India.
Condoms : A New Range of Sizes.
The War in Bosnia.
The War in Bosnia.
Childhood Drownings.
Oral Cholera Vaccine Well Tolerated.
Chronic Constipation in Elderly Patients.
Reducing the Number of Beds.
Providing References.
Providing References.
Fractures of the Foot.
Value of Confidential Inquiries.
Patients' Complaints.
Patients' Complaints.
Fatal Anaphylaxis Due to Food.
Database Offered to Department of Health.
Correction : GPs' role and recognition.