Copenhagen's Challenge.
Patterns of Disease
How Can We Improve the Detection of Glaucoma?
Violence Versus Reproductive Health Care.
Prospective Study of Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Use, and the Risk of Diabetes in Men.
Prospective Study of Risk Factors for Development of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes in Middle Aged British Men.
Sleep Related Vehicle Accidents.
Sarcoidosis Presenting After Resection of an Adrenocortical Adenoma.
Self Reported Hypertension among Unemployed People in the United States.
Randomised Trial of Lipid Lowering Dietary Advice in General Practice
Influence of Age on General Practitioners' Definition and Treatment of Hypertension.
Fortnightly Review
Lesson of the Week
Consultants' Workload in Outpatient Clinics.
The World Health Organisation
Management for Doctors
Mandatory Drug Tests in Prisons.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
The WHO.
Effects of Health Publicity on Prevalence of Smoking.
Nestle Abides Fully to WHO Code on Baby Milk.
Nocardia Pericarditis.
Risk Factors for Breast Cancer.
Trials in Palliative Care.
Interpreting Hospital Death Rates.
Interpreting Hospital Death Rates.
Asthma Trends.
Smoking and Death.
Care of Dying Patients in Hospital.
New or Old Antidepressants?
Breast Disease.
Medical Informatics.
Memory of Intraoperative Events.
Preventing Suicide.
Generic Inhalers for Asthma.
Generic Inhalers for Asthma.
Report on Australian Surgeons.
Treatment of Low Back Pain.
Primary Care and General Practice.
Electronic Health Records.
Problems of Overseas Adoption.
Allergy to Colophony.