The scientific basis of health services
Consensus on red cell transfusion
Friday the 13th and obsessive compulsive disorder
Domestic violence against women
Only doing my duty?
Hospital jobs on the Internet
Medicare plans outrage elderly people and doctors
France gears up to fight health insurance debts
Dutch propose paying GPs more for difficult work
Multiple sclerosis drug prompts rationing fears
Labour sets out high tech vision for NHS
Research must be declared by trusts and universities
US apologises for radiation tests on unaware patients
NHS trust loses [pound sterling] 3.5 million on business venture
Autologous blood transfusions need risk register
Australian doctors in confidentiality controversy
GMC launches new "blue book"
Intensive therapy and progression to clinical albuminuria in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and microalbuminuria
Cardiac and vascular morbidity in women receiving adjuvant tamoxifen for breast cancer in a randomised trial
Randomised controlled trial of laparoscopic versus open repair of inguinal hernia
Association of Helicobacter pylori and Chlamydia pneumoniae infections with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular risk factors
Dietary underreporting by obese individuals--is it specific or non-specific?
Prediction of acute mountain sickness
Prevalence of alcohol histories in medical and nursing notes of patients admitted with self poisoning
Incidence of transfusion associated B and non-A, non-B hepatitis in Italy
Specific therapeutic group age-sex related prescribing units (STAR-PUs)
Humanitarian responses to mass violence perpetrated against vulnerable populations
Towards the safer use of medicines
Department of Health's requirement for mandatory collection of data on ethnic group of inpatients
Beijing diary
ABC of Medical Computing
Leslie Pyrah
D I McCallum
E W T Morris
S M Tracy
C W Musgrave
R S Pelly
M E Stevens
J G P Williams
William Blane Adam
Robert Mason ("Bob") Bolam
Roger James Brereton
Peter Howroyd Buxton
Richard Stanley Castle
Geoffrey Henry Hewlett ("Geoff") Dwyer
James Leitch Gilloran
Charles Edward Goldsborough
Myer Jacob Gordon
Theodore Douglas Grant
Aneurin Hughes
Lionel Husdan
Ernest John Eurfyl Jones
David Lewis Kirk
John Alfred Laurenson
Arnold Linken
Basil Montagu Phillips
Roy Trevor Routledge
Robert A Tennent
Richard Treneman
Gertrude Jean Kyle Turner
Hugh Duncan Vasey
James Walker
Patients with a self diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis
Author's reply
Cycling and physical exercise
Cycling and physical exercise
Cycling and physical exercise
Falls due to stroke
Author's reply
Predicting acute maxillary sinusitis
Predicting acute maxillary sinusitis
Author's reply
Ensuring that guidelines are effective
Ensuring that guidelines are effective
Acute pain services
Acute pain services
Acute pain services
Anaesthetics training in the United States
Anaesthetics training in the United States
Applying for flexible training
Applying for flexible training
Differences in mortality after fracture of hip
Sanctions against apartheid were effective
South African Medical Association colluded with apartheid
Maintaining clinical contact during research
Genetic testing in the classroom
Extracontractual referrals
Extracontractual referrals
Classified advertisements in the BMJ
Colleges and trusts are blocking humanitarian service
General practice at night
General practice at night
General practice at night
General practice at night
General practice at night
General practice at night
Management of genital candidiasis
Sound medicine
Anecdotes on asthma
Improving odds in the cancer lottery
A betrayal
Down Syndrome
Practice Management Handbook