"Variations" in health : The costs of government timidity
Antenatal screening for carriers of hepatitis B virus : Britain needs a standardised nationwide universal screening programme
Second opinions for patients with cancer : Can give peace of mind but should be used wisely
European Union policy and health : New report leaves much to be desired
Computer based prescribing : Improves decision making and reduces costs
Tighter medical controls proposed for boxing
Dutch doctor given suspended sentence over euthanasia case
New York attacks raccoon rabies from the air
Health chiefs review London's helicopter ambulance service
Patients given LSD may be able to claim compensation
Mandatory rural practice proposed in India
Prenatal testing leads to row in the Netherlands
Half a million French are infected with hepatitis C virus
Comparative advertising draft worries GMC
Focus : Washington
UKCCCR multicentre randomised controlled trial of one and two view mammography in breast cancer screening
Prospective study of endogenous sex hormones and fatal cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women
Fc epsilon RI-beta polymorphism and risk of atopy in a general population sample
BMJ audit : time to decisions and publication
Proposal for routine antenatal screening at 14 weeks for hepatitis B surface antigen
Programme for preventing perinatal hepatitis B infection through screening of pregnant women and immunisation of infants of infected mothers in the Netherlands, 1989-92
Low weight gain in infancy and suicide in adult life
Artificial colourings and adverse reactions
Painful dysaesthesia with ciprofloxacin
High fever induced by sulphasalazine
Angio-oedema associated with risperidone
Prospective study of trends in referral patterns in fundholding and non-fundholding practices in the Oxford region, 1990-4
Urinary incontinence : long term effectiveness of nursing intervention in primary care
Recent Advances : Obstetrics
Lesson of the Week : Don't twist my child's head off
Treatment for children with brain tumours
Is there a moral obligation not to infect others?
ABC of Medical Computing : DIGITAL IMAGING
The importance of friendship
P R Uldall
Andrew Wood Wilkinson
R R Prewer
A Barham Carter
K Lumsden
J M Pietroni
Lilian Walter
R V Sturton
Minto Strover
Herbert ("Bert") Agar
Patricia Anne Frankau (nee Henry)
James Thomas Allen George
Richard Paxton Graham
David Murray Keir
Patrick John Spencer-Phillips
Cicely ("Cis") Tanous (nee Breese)
Catherine Theophanous
Gambling with the nation's health? Lottery is immoral
Gambling with the nation's health? Lottery has Orwellian resonances
Gambling with the nation's health? Inability to reason statistically is prime cause of lottery fever
Gambling with the nation's health? Majority of secondary school children buy tickets
Gambling with the nation's health? Doctors should concentrate on more serious issues
On sex education at school : Articles neglect the needs of young gay men
On sex education at school : Dutch surprise at British question
On sex education at school : Early education about contraception is needed
On sex education at school : Non-didactic methods are preferable
Migraine runs in families... : ... but is it inherited?
Authors' reply : Migraine runs in families...
Screening for intracranial aneurysms : Short natural course makes screening impracticable
Screening for intracranial aneurysms : Paper is ambiguous about number with proven aneurysm
Author's reply : Screening for intracranial aneurysms
Career choices for generation X
Controversy over new data on oral contraceptives : Risk of delay was small
Controversy over new data on oral contraceptives : GPs were swamped by calls
Controversy over new data on oral contraceptives : Perception of risk is affected by presentation
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Adequate programme would save money
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Services are still patchy in Britain
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : GPs in south London have direct access to screening service
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Annual retinal photography is not an option in India
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Screening should be organised by GPs
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Editorial overstated likelihood of missed retinopathy
Screening for diabetic retinopathy : Approaching 90 percent sensitivity with new techniques
Authors' reply : Screening for diabetic retinopathy
The new deal revisited : Obstetric trainees are against
The new deal revisited : Survey showed most anaesthetists have no experience of shifts
Polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis
Combined oral contraceptives and thromboembolism
Keeping fit
The one that got away
Child B is revealed
Brave new world of transplant technology
Relief versus development
Hypertension for the Clinician
Practical Rheumatology