HTLV-I screening in Britain : Time for a reappraisal
New incentives for general practitioners in London : An opportunity that must not be wasted
Outpatient follow up : Who benefits
Psychosocial interventions in cancer : Should be part of every patient's management plan
Registering patients and paying capitation in family practice : Lessons from Canada
Czech doctors threatened with prosecution
US poised to outlaw late abortion technique
British ministry condemned for Gulf war response
Tobacco sales soar in developing countries
Dutch appeal court dismisses case against doctor
Britain restricts lice treatment
Ban on stage hypnotism is not needed, says report
Patients with hip fractures need better care, says report
Israel condemned for torture by shaking
Overseas doctors face new rules to work in Britain
Focus : Washington
Psychosis with good prognosis in Afro-Caribbean people now living in the United Kingdom
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Success of cardiopulmonary resuscitation after heart attack in hospital and outside hospital
Epidural anaesthesia and low back pain after delivery : a prospective cohort study
Do changes in cardiovascular risk factors explain changes in mortality from stroke in Finland?
Prospective observational study to assess value of prostate specific antigen as screening test for prostate cancer
Increased mortality among Dutch development workers
Routine surgical follow up : do surgeons agree?
Increased risk of diarrhoea caused by Clostridium difficile in elderly patients receiving cefotaxime
Prospective seroepidemiological evidence that human papillomavirus type 16 infection is a risk factor for oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Alterations in prescribing by general practitioner fundholders : an observational study
Randomised double blind comparison of terbinafine and itraconazole for treatment of toenail tinea infection
Recent Advances : Hepatology
An evidence based approach to individualising treatment
Lesson of the Week : Occult intracranial tumours masquerading as early onset anorexia nervosa
A MEMORABLE PATIENT : Postmortem caesarean section
The grateful patients of Arles
Alexander Mair
E W Moore
W R Gauld
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Rosalind Jane ("Roz") Butterworth
Albert Edward Claireaux
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Leslie Lawson Ralph
Christopher Yonges Reed
John Stewart Ferra ("Ian") Watson
Alan Ross Wear
John Llewellyn Williams
Marion Williams
Alan Carruth Stevenson
Constance Lang Beynon
Avoiding drug errors : Read the label
Avoiding drug errors : Reporting of errors should be free of recrimination
Avoiding drug errors : Adopting new NHS specification helps
Avoiding drug errors : Pharmacists and computerised prescribing can help
Avoiding drug errors : Reporting of critical incidents shows how errors occur
Avoiding drug errors : Inappropriate prescribing is "treatable"
Preventing local complications of depot neuroleptics
Suicide after discharge from psychiatric hospitals in Scotland
Clinical efficacy of treatment for head lice : Counting head lice by visual inspection flaws trials' results
Clinical efficacy of treatment for head lice : Authors differ on assessment of flaws in trials
Authors' reply : Clinical efficacy of treatment for head lice
Public lacks knowledge about genetic testing and gene therapy
Elective ventilation is cost effective and humane
Changes to obituaries are insensitive
Low back pain
The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Decision analysis and screening for Down's syndrome : Estimate of uptake of amniocentesis is overoptimistic
Decision analysis and screening for Down's syndrome : Not using age specific values invalidates study
Decision analysis and screening for Down's syndrome : Costs were overestimated
Decision analysis and screening for Down's syndrome : Testing should be in all women
Author's reply : Decision analysis and screening for Down's syndrome
Right to choose
GMSC's extraordinary general meeting : Date and venue of meeting timed to favour status quo
GMSC's extraordinary general meeting : BMA secretary's reply
Sins of the fathers
Evidence Farm
Back to the drawing board?
Dramatic genetics
Reflections on a medical childhood
The Coming Plague : Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance
Alzheimer's Disease : A Medical Companion
Patient Controlled Analgesia