Secret government
The nature of general practice
Declining sperm counts
Flavonoids and heart disease
Triggering a heart attack
Japan apologises for HIV infected blood products
Doctors shun Canada's blood inquiry
French bishops ease ban on condoms
Italian doctors in torchlight march
Sparks fly over electromagnetic link with cancer
New Zealand doctors resist emergency contraception
Dr Kevorkian on trial again
India concerned at export of genetic material
Government faces genetics challenge
British GPs call for pricing on out of hours
Early fundholders quit after cash crisis
Dutch doctors oppose new euthanasia proposals
Belgian doctors face computer monitoring
Evidence of deteriorating semen quality in the United Kingdom
Time series analysis of sperm concentration in fertile men in Toulouse, France between 1977 and 1992
Randomised comparison of oestrogen versus oestrogen plus progestogen hormone replacement therapy in women with hysterectomy
Flavonoid intake and coronary mortality in Finland
Prescribing and hospital admissions for asthma in east London
Case-control analysis of bone resorption markers, disability, and hip fracture risk
Outlook for survivors of childhood in sub-Saharan Africa
Upper airways obstruction in 153 consecutive patients presenting with thyroid enlargement
General practitioner's management of acute back pain
Explaining variations in general practice prescribing costs per ASTRO-PU (age, sex, and temporary resident originated prescribing unit)
Effects of routine individual feedback over nine years on general practitioners' requests for tests
Fortnightly Review
Exposing the abuse of Chinese orphans
Lesson of the Week
ABC of General Surgery in Children
Children on hunger strike
In England starving your child would amount to "criminal neglect"
Definitely not legitimate protest, but probably not child abuse either
Autonomy is important but not as important as the "sanctity of life"
Derek Richter
Alan Jacobs
Geoffrey Barnett ("Geoff") Burchell
Thomas John ("Tom") Burke
Arthur James ("Jim") Moffett
Katherine Ann Hallidie Smith
Worldwide decline in semen quality might be due to smoking
Sensible drinking
Sensible drinking
Sensible drinking . . . or elsewhere
Sensible drinking
Hepatitis B in the Chinese community in Britain
Effect of paediatric retrieval service on clinical activity
Premature coronary deaths in Asians
Information about prenatal testing does not necessarily increase uptake
One and two view mammography in breast cancer
One and two view mammography in breast cancer
One and two view mammography in breast cancer
One and two view mammography in breast cancer
Authors' reply
Low weight gain in infancy and suicide in adult life
Authors' reply
Steroids in the management of croup
Steroids in the management of croup
Author's reply
Deaths of children in house fires
High levels of polyunsaturated fat may inhibit cancer growth
Acoustic neuroma may impair vision
Plasma cholesterol response to dietary saturated fat
Authors' reply
Effect of detection of depression in general practice
Effect of detection of depression in general practice
Effect of detection of depression in general practice
Authors' reply
Increasing the shelf life of review papers
Possible missed diagnosis of syllogomania
The happiest man in the picture
The Troubles
Saddam strikes in the wrong postal district
Does electricity give you cancer?
Introduction to Psychoanalysis
Why Freud Was Wrong
Modulation of MHC Antigen Expression and Disease
Qualitative Research in Health Care