Revaccination against measles and rubella : Side effects are outweighed by improved disease control
Asthma associated with thunderstorms : Grass pollen and the fall in temperature seem to be to blame
Secondary prevention of meningococcal disease : High risk contacts should be given chemoprophylaxis and preventive treatment with penicillin
Gynaecology--medical or surgical? A more medical approach could reduce inappropriate surgical procedures
Over the counter drugs : Changing the roles of doctors and pharmacists
Thousands suffer in China's blizzards
Silicone implants represent small risk
Swedish county abandons breast screening
Australia's leader reassures on health
US company fined for reckless deaths
Czech doctors plan two day strike
Condom trade barriers come down across Europe
Meningitis epidemic sweeps northern Nigeria
Fundholding pilot allows inpatient purchases
Children help adults to stop smoking
US fills food with folic acid
France uncovers plan to bypass tobacco laws
French drug lottery idea causes uproar
Dutch heart patient has London operation
Britain plans genetics watchdog
Focus : Westminster Fifth anniversary changes for NHS reforms
A major outbreak of asthma associated with a thunderstorm : experience of accident and emergency departments and patients' characteristics
Thunderstorm associated asthma : a detailed analysis of environmental factors
Cognitive impairment and mortality in a cohort of elderly people
Survey of neuroleptic prescribing in residents of nursing homes in Glasgow
Cases of euthanasia and assisted suicide reported to the public prosecutor in North Holland over 10 years
Growth in the use of antibiotics in the community in England and Scotland in 1980-93
Fair shares in health care? Ethnic and socioeconomic influences on recording of preventive care in selected inner London general practices
General practitioners' views on over the counter sales by community pharmacists
A primer on leading the improvement of systems
A LESSON CONFIRMED : Cocaine and adrenaline paste
Quality and professionalism in health care : a review of current initiatives in the NHS
Over the Counter Drugs : Patients, society, and the increase in self medication
Trevor Sears
Linton Snaith
Karl Walter Baruch
Ian Martin Boyd
Alexander Michael Dawson
James Leighton Dickson
Beatrice Marion Willmott Dobbie
Alfred Thomas ("Boo") Fripp
Geoffrey Hurst
George Brown Morton
Ralph George Francis Parker
Mildred Beatrice ("Jo") Perry
Geoffrey Waring Robinson
Michael John Uglow
Charles Keith Vartan
Richard Moncrieff ("Dick") Warren
Ralph Joseph Whiting
John Michael Willcox
The war on drugs : Legalisation may be necessary
The war on drugs : Editorial contained specious arguments
The war on drugs : An international discussion is desirable
The war on drugs : Legalisation would have to be accompanied by personal responsibility
The war on drugs : Harm minimisation is a way of lessening effects of more harmful drugs
The war on drugs : Legalisation would be likely to result in increased use
The war on drugs : The aim should be a drug free society
Evaluating new surgical procedures : Hip replacements come in at least 10 sup 11 varieties
Evaluating new surgical procedures : Design of trials should depend on whether new skills are required
Evaluating new surgical procedures : Few trials of laparoscopic cholecystectomy have been randomised
Treatment of acute anaphylaxis : Letters contained errors of logic
Treatment of acute anaphylaxis : Patients should be taught how to inject adrenaline
"Jumping beans" are almost identical with medicines
Women doctors' use of hormone replacement therapy : High prevalence of use is not confined to doctors
Women doctors' use of hormone replacement therapy : May be to enable them to cope with demands of their job
Magnesium sulphate should be used for eclamptic fits
General physicians are as good as cardiologists at interpreting ECGs
Incidence of and mortality from breast cancer since introduction of screening : Scottish figures show higher incidence and similar mortality
Incidence of and mortality from breast cancer since introduction of screening : Several factors must have a role in improved figures
Women are often followed up too soon after treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Method of election to BMA craft committees should be changed
Coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation : Studies have not shown a causal relation
Author's reply : Coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation
Concentrations of von Willebrand factor in diabetes : Did authors measure serum or plasma concentrations?
Author's reply : Concentrations of von Willebrand factor in diabetes
Don't rely on drinking wine to prevent traveller's diarrhoea
Over the counter antibiotics
Little green men
The Kiwi way : lessons from New Zealand
Choices in Health Policy : An Agenda for the European Union; Medicine in Europe
A Guide to Ethnic Minority Neighborhood Outreach
Mental Health in a Multi-ethnic Society : A Multi-disciplinary Handbook