The coming of age of band ligation for oesophageal varices : All the evidence shows it has better outcomes than injection sclerotherapy
The paperless general practice : It is coming, but needs more professional input
Persistent tachypnoea in neonates : May indicate mild pulmonary hypoplasia
Blood donation--altruism or profit? : The gift relationship revisited
Scottish court gives right to die
Judge rules in favour of "do not resuscitate"
Dutch GP on murder charge over euthanasia claim
Britain needs a policy on diet and low income
Three new CJD cases as scientists push ahead
MRC withdraws intercalated degree funds
Poets more stable than playwrights
Bavaria threatens to reduce abortion access
French government seizes purse strings
Chernobyl damaged children's genes
MPs seek more control over genetics
Israel rules on medical confidentiality
Seascale cancer cluster not due to radiation
Focus : Sydney Greiner does a Thatcher
Has mortality from melanoma stopped rising in Australia? Analysis of trends between 1931 and 1994
Incidence and thickness of primary tumours and survival of patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma in relation to socioeconomic status
Association between incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and solar ultraviolet radiation in England and Wales
Blood money : blood donors' attitudes to changes in the New Zealand blood transfusion service
Low triiodothyronine concentration in preterm infants and subsequent intelligence quotient (IQ) at 8 year follow up
Commentary : Do preterm infants need thyroxine replacement?
Current practice and complications of temporary transvenous cardiac pacing
Randomised controlled trial of general practitioner versus usual medical care in an urban accident and emergency department : process, outcome, and comparative cost
A MEMORABLE PATIENT : Don't blame the messenger
Fortnightly Review : Short acting dihydropyridine (vasodilating) calcium channel blockers for hypertension
ABC of Urology : Urological Malignancy--III
Lesson of the Week : Pulmonary hypoplasia presenting as persistent tachypnoea in the first few months of life
Management of HIV infected health care workers : lessons from three cases
Commentary : The government has mismanaged cases of HIV infected health care workers
Statistics Notes : The use of transformation when comparing two means
Sir William Trethowan
Wyndham Mackray Jordan
Anil Gopinath Ambegaokar
Eric Cyril Fear
Eiron Jones
John Maclean
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : Breast cancer is a medical, not a surgical, disease
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : Large differences in survival are not explained
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : A multidisciplinary approach is needed
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : More centralisation of services is not needed
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : Case selection bias affected results
Specialist surgeons and survival in breast cancer : Protocols are important
Health services must develop services to reduce crime and violence
Minimum standards should be set for near patient testing
Psychosis in Afro-Caribbean people : Further data should have been obtained
Psychosis in Afro-Caribbean people : "Afro-Caribbeans" could have been of Chinese, Indian, European, or African extraction
Authors' reply : Psychosis in Afro-Caribbean people
Performance of neonatal screening programme must be monitored
Postoperative deep vein thrombosis and surgery for varicose veins
Postoperative pulmonary complications : Pain relief improves respiratory function
Postoperative pulmonary complications : Obesity, pain, and sedation are important
Postoperative pulmonary complications : Adequate pain relief is also necessary
Postoperative pulmonary complications : Laparoscopic surgery leads to better postoperative pulmonary function
Author's reply : Postoperative pulmonary complications
Future of tropical medicine
False localising signs in the spinal cord
Value of ECGs in identifying heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction : Echocardiography is still necessary
Value of ECGs in identifying heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction : Likelihood ratios should have been given
Value of ECGs in identifying heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction : Courses on interpreting ECGs would improve general practitioners' skills
Value of ECGs in identifying heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction : ECGs are valuable in hospital as well as general practice
Learning from primary care in developing countries
Training in substance misuse for GPs : Services need to be adequately resourced
Training in substance misuse for GPs : Courses are available in Lothian
Methadone maintenance reduces injecting in prison
Code is needed to protect inpatients from press publicity
Television programme distorted dangers of diagnostic radiology
Newspaper hype : Journalists should look beyond the medical literature
Newspaper hype : Newspapers' job is to report results for lay readers
Cost effectiveness of antenatal screening for cystic fibrosis
"Don't forget the meatballs, Mum"
Bloody but unbowed
Looking for an answer
Spring books : Oriental Medicine
Ancient Egyptian Medicine
Colonial Psychiatry and "The African Mind"
The Race Gallery : The Return of Racial Science
Culture, Religion and Childbearing in a Multiracial Society : A Handbook for Health Professionals
A Bedside Nature : Genius and Eccentricity in Science 1869-1953
The Devil and Dr Barnes
Linus Pauling : A Life in Science and Politics
Regeneration. The Eye in the Door. The Ghost Road
Keats and Medicine
An Unquiet Mind : A Memoir of Moods and Madness
Murdering to Dissect : Grave-Robbing, Frankenstein and the Anatomy Literature
Bitter Blue : Tranquillizers, Drugs, Dependency
One World : The Health and Survival of the Human Species in the 21st Century
The Troubled Helix : Social and Psychological Implications of the New Human Genetics
Newton's Sleep : Two Cultures and Two Kingdoms