From black bag to black box
Going home
Mortality among second generation Irish in England and Wales
Does Britain need an academy of medicine? It needs something
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
New hope for WHO? Term limits and more formal application procedures may bring a change in leadership
Aid agencies need more self regulation
Amnesty highlights doctors' duty to report torture
Australian doctors put in firing line
US gene discovery leads to patent war
Herbal stimulant causes US deaths
Cocaine blamed for infants' emotional problems
New BUPA scheme hits NHS patients
US welfare safety net slackens
NHS reviews treatment packages
Seasonality and the sudden infant death syndrome during 1987-9 and 1991-3 in Australia and Britain
Long term backache after childbirth
Do you know anyone with Refsums disease?
Patterns of mortality in second generation Irish living in England and Wales
Randomised study of n of 1 trials versus standard practice
Ranitidine and aseptic meningitis
Growth in utero and cognitive function in adult life
Perioperative myocardial infarction in peripheral vascular surgery
Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome
The extent of the two tier service for fundholders
Responding to out of hours requests for visits
Fortnightly Review
Recent advances in medical genetics
What value do computers provide to NHS hospitals?
Prison rights
But for the grace
Andrew Smith
David Milner
Robert Gordon Mitchell
F J W Miller
William Frain-Bell
Ehiogie Aihie
Hubert William Balch
William Michael de Courcy Boxill
Paul Brown
Harry Vincent Cross
Matthew De Lacey ("Matt")
Owen Geoffrey Franklin
Elizabeth Georgina Wenmouth Gore
George Louis Huntington LeBouvier
William McKechnie
Teresa Morrison
Peter Charles Hutchinson Newbold
Stanley Nowell
Farouk Montaser Ragab
Agnes Paterson Thomas
Ben Weston Wells
Adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer
Adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer
Author's reply
Getting urgent information to doctors
Health link between countries should be global
One stop shopping for global health information
Monitoring the frequency of side effects of drugs
Monitoring the frequency of side effects of drugs
Teenage sex
Teenage sex
Teenage sex
Screening to prevent renal failure in diabetic patients
Authors' reply
Doctors should check datasheets
Treat patients with kindness during magnetic resonance imaging
The nature of general practice
The nature of general practice
The nature of general practice
The nature of general practice
The nature of general practice
The nature of general practice
Myocardial infarction at work cannot be regarded as an accident
Redefining authorship
Redefining authorship
To all doctors in Britain
Ever been had?
On hanging up my stethoscope
Becoming a grandmother--Has childbirth really changed?
Performing rights
The Practice of Quality
Skin Disease in Childhood and Adolescence
The Health of Prisoners