Monitoring oral anticoagulation in primary care
Financial meltdown for the NHS?
Caesarean section or vaginal birth for breech presentation at term
Jack Kevorkian
Heroin overdose
Veterinary and industrial high pressure injection injuries
Australian doctors renew battle over euthanasia
HIV in plasma is best predictor of progression to AIDS
No cause for alarm over baby milk, says EU
MDU exposes drug errors
Paediatric intensive care expands with 37 new beds
NHS Handbook criticises evidence based medicine
Netherlands proposes tougher antismoking laws
Britain is failing to meet targets on reducing obesity
Herbal stimulant causes US deaths
New York seeks to make chiropractic more available
NHS trusts criticised for staff strategies
Australian doctors' push for gun controls
Organ thieving is urban myth
Doctors launch twins research company
Cost effectiveness of lowering cholesterol concentration with statins in patients with and without pre-existing coronary heart disease
Relation of indoor heating with asthma, allergic sensitisation, and bronchial responsiveness
Long term outcome by method of delivery of fetuses in breech presentation at term
Payment by results
Prevalence of antibiotic resistance and serotypes in pneumococci in England and Wales
Seasonality of birth of patients with childhood diabetes in Britain
Rate of bone loss from lumbar spine in women with distal forearm fracture
Health of cohort of heroin addicts from London clinics
Treatment of urinary incontinence in women in general practice
Knowledge of emergency compulsory detention procedures among general practitioners in Edinburgh
Survey of HIV patients' views on confidentiality and non-discrimination policies in general practice
Recent Advances
Lessons from international experience in controlling pharmaceutical expenditure. I
Lesson of the Week
Statistics Notes
ABC of Urology
Katharine Mary Arthur
Robert Hugh Clarke
Edward Hayden Wilcox Deane
Herbert Bernard Kean
Cecily Margaret L'Etang (nee Tinker)
Alan Hugh George Murley
George Bernard Northcroft
Jyoti Prosad Payne
Charles Douglas Sanders
Government secrecy
Government secrecy
Government secrecy
Vaccines and Guillain-Barre syndrome
Providing intensive care
Providing intensive care
Providing intensive care
Disodium pamidronate has beneficial effect in Paget's disease of bone
Retention of drugs in venous access port chamber
Retention of drugs in venous access port chamber
Retention of drugs in venous access port chamber
Authors' reply
British urologists provide a cost effective service
Using condoms to prevent transmission of HIV
Using condoms to prevent transmission of HIV
Poor diet in pregnancy may be a proxy for some other hostile influence on fetal growth
Raised adult blood pressure linked to failure to achieve growth potential in utero
Not gaining patients' consent in trials is deceitful
Flavonoid intake and coronary mortality
Flavonoid intake and coronary mortality
Author's reply
GPs' management of acute back pain
GPs' Management of acute back pain
GPs' management of acute back pain
Routine feedback to GPs who request microbiological tests is effective
Research priorities in complementary medicine
Jumping through hoops to buy equipment
British health insurers fail to learn lessons from the US
Orphanages in China require more funding
Albanian orphans
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Green couch
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Desert brainstorm
Pitching it low
Obsessional art
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Inquiries after Homicide
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