Rationing health care : moving the debate forward
Clinical guidelines in the independent health care sector : An opportunity for the NHS to observe managed care in action
Contraceptive implants : Users lose out when misleading information limits choice
Health workers and the baby food industry : World Health Organisation acts to end conflict of interest and promote breast feeding
Is the human testis still an organ at risk? Regional differences in sperm counts and fertility may provide a clue
A treasured treasurer : BMA treasurer steps down with BMA's finances strong
Monitoring oral anticoagulation in primary care
Mitterrand's doctor stands trial for breach of secrecy
GPs want core services defined
General practice reforms agreed in Germany
Transsexual goes to High Court over operation ban
EU commissioner clashes with tobacco giant
Researchers suggest ways to reduce football injury
Threat of Tory revolt averted
Focus : Sydney
Variability in risk of gastrointestinal complications with individual non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs : results of a collaborative meta-analysis
Teenagers' knowledge of emergency contraception : questionnaire survey in south east Scotland
Lifetime exposure to environmental lead and children's intelligence at 11-13 years : the Port Pirie cohort study
Prevalence and patterns of smoking in Delhi : cross sectional study
Case-control study of suicide by discharged psychiatric patients
Fibrinolytic activity and clotting factors in ischaemic heart disease in women
Needs for care from a demand led community psychiatric service : a study of patients with major mental illness
A worrying statistic
Media coverage of the Child B case
Setting priorities : is there a role for citizens' juries?
The rationing agenda in the NHS
Lesson of the Week : Addison's disease presenting as reduced insulin requirement in insulin dependent diabetes
A MIRACLE REMEMBERED : A very close shave
Geoffrey Watkinson
Alexander Bromley
Ram Kumar Chatterjee
John Martin Farrer Hartley
Vincent Cuthbert Hassan
Norman Patrick James Hewlings
Proposed academy of medicine : Profession is already more united than ever before
Proposed academy of medicine : An academy would be inappropriate
Physicians clarify their proposal for a National Council for Health Care Priorities
Rationing in the NHS : Public does not always favour lifesaving, acute interventions
Rationing in the NHS : Social decisions associated with rationing are not yet acceptable
Debate over NHS-wide network is centred on wrong issue
Air pollution related to transport : Diesel is the main problem
Air pollution related to transport : Doctors should support parliamentary bill
Asthma epidemics and air pollution : Upper respiratory tract infection and fall in atmospheric temperature may lead to attacks of childhood asthma
Asthma epidemics and air pollution : Epidemic of asthma was not associated with episode of air pollution
Ozone and childhood wheezy episodes : Needs testing as an a priori hypothesis
Ozone and childhood wheezy episodes : Meteorological confounders must be considered
Ozone and childhood wheezy episodes : Results may have been confounded by viral infections and faulty equipment
In Reply : Ozone and childhood wheezy episodes
Metabolic effects of hormone replacement preparations
Chickenpox and steroid cards : Patients need information
Chickenpox and steroid cards : Amended card is used in Oxford
Doctors Reform Society in Australia defends its reputation
Evaluation of a primary care anticoagulant clinic : Authors did not present enough data
Evaluation of a primary care anticoagulant clinic : Issue of quality control was not addressed
Evaluation of a primary care anticoagulant clinic : Reporting of results should be standardised
In Reply : Evaluation of a primary care anticoagulant clinic
GPs in Glasgow are in favour of primary care emergency centres
Evidence-Based Medicine : Reviews may not be sufficiently critical of evidence
In Reply : Evidence-Based Medicine
Evidence-Based Medicine : Letters pages are essential for peer review
In Reply : Evidence-Based Medicine
Getting a job in France is difficult
Myths in medicine : Story that early retirement is associated with longevity is often quoted
Myths in Medicine : Quotation dates from this century, not 1st century
Father of the man
Mother knows best
De-engineering in the NHS
In and out of the brain
Living with uncertainty
Human Molecular Genetics
Research in Health Care