Antiviral drug resistance : Use the right antiviral drug and hit the virus hard
The NHS reforms revisited : Health care systems change as societies change
Family interventions in schizophrenia : An effective but underused treatment
Breast cancer : asking patients what they want
Phytoestrogens and soy based infant formula : Risks remain theoretical
Vetting new technologies : Those whose efficacy and safety have not been established will now be registered and evaluated
President Clinton approves curbs on tobacco
More doctors needed at scene of emergencies
Non-insulin dependent diabetes needs more attention
UK government wants to improve air quality
Canadian doctors withdraw prenatal care
Europe is divided on embryo regulations
Sex differences in weight in infancy and the British 1990 national growth standards
Cohort study of peanut and tree nut sensitisation by age of 4 years
Peanut allergy in relation to heredity, maternal diet, and other atopic diseases : results of a questionnaire survey, skin prick testing, and food challenges
Are healthcare workers in England and Wales at increased risk of tuberculosis?
Comparison of adverse events associated with use of mefloquine and combination of chloroquine and proguanil as antimalarial prophylaxis : postal and telephone survey of travellers
Adverse local reactions from accidental BCG overdose in infants
Family members' attitudes toward telling the patient with Alzheimer's disease their diagnosis
Can adverse drug reactions be detected earlier? A comparison of reports by patients and professionals
Evaluation of a psychiatric court liaison scheme in north London
Descriptive survey of antenatal HIV testing in London : policy, uptake, and detection
Incidence of adverse reactions after administration of high dose diphtheria with tetanus vaccine to school leavers : retrospective questionnaire study
WHEN I USE A WORD... Who was Fuller?
A prescribing incentive scheme for non-fundholding general practices : an observational study
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO : Foreign Views of London Surgery
Consensus statement for good practice and audit measures in the management of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
Training for excellence in the inner city : an interview with Richard Savage and Clare Vaughan
Lesson of the Week : Cholesterol emboli may mimic systemic vasculitis
Caring for Older People : Elder abuse
BMJ audit : time to decisions by publication
ABC of Work Related Disorders : Occupational Infections
Clare Vaughan
Thomas Terence Baird
George Stevenson Anderson
Harold Carr
Alison Mary Madeline Fleming
Kenneth Terence Gruer
Mungo Bryson Hay
Ian Hugh Carruthers Morton
Christopher Risby
Ronald William Tullis Ross
John Noel Spencer Simpson
Arthur Martin Lindsay Smith
Phillip Whitfield
Frederick James Wright
Max Zoob
Rationing health care : Politicians do not want to duck the issues
Rationing health care : Britain could still have a comprehensive NHS without rationing
Rationing health care : Anti-Rationing Group also wants to contribute to the debate
Rationing health care : Patients have strong input into purchasing decisions in Droitwich
Rationing health care : US judicial guidelines on sentencing could show way forward for NHS
Rationing health care : Degree of rationing in Zaire would be unacceptable in Britain
Rationing health care : Responsibility for social care needs to be considered
Rationing health care : Elective waiting lists are becoming explicitly rationed
Rationing health care : Selection of group members needs to be clarified
Rationing health care : Purchasing policies for in vitro fertilisation vary considerably
Rationing health care : Don't confuse personal choice with collective choice
Breast screening has failed older women
Ratio of waist circumference to height is strong predictor of intra-abdominal fat
Data protection, health care, and the new European directive : Data Protection Act applies to discussions by email and on the Internet
Data protection, health care, and the new European directive : Data users must observe all principles of Data Protection Act
Doctors in distress : Same points were made 120 years ago
Doctors in distress : Doctors should count their blessings
Ability of bone mineral density to predict osteoporotic fractures : Conclusion of meta-analysis was unjustified
Ability of bone mineral density to predict osteoporotic fractures : Case for screening exists
In Reply : Ability of bone mineral density to predict osteoporotic fractures
Ureteric obstruction secondary to endometriosis : Ultrasonography is best method of detection
In Reply : Ureteric obstruction secondary to endometriosis
Rate of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in farmers is not significant
Performance procedures for seriously deficient professional performance are flawed
Tuberculosis is important problem in children with HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa
Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in primary care is cost effective
Risk of coronary heart disease in Hindus and Muslims from Indian subcontinent is similar
Unhealthy exercise
A new synthetic opiate?
Teach me to hear mermaids singing
The new apostasy
Textbook of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Child Safety : Problem and Prevention from Preschool to Adolescence