Lowered serum cholesterol and low mood : The link remains unproved
Summative assessment in general practice : Much to learn from new scheme
Insulin infusion in diabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction : Effective in diabetes, but patients with glucose intolerance may also benefit
Thrombolysis in acute stroke : Defining the risk to benefit ratio for individual patients remains impossible
Deprivation payments revisited (again) : Equity remains a problem with current method of allocation
Woman challenges euthanasia law
Legal aid won for malaria drug case
Neurosurgery for mentally ill given go ahead in Scotland
Internet sales of prescription drugs investigated
Fetal homicide charge for drinking while pregnant
BMA suggests ways to end long waits in casualty departments
Welfare claimants are less healthy than workers
Nothing innocent about white coat hypertension
Botched circumcisions lead to arrest for murder
Action call to halt antibiotic-induced hearing loss
Menstruation linked to asthma attacks
Health costs rise in Germany
Serum cholesterol concentration and death from suicide in men : Paris prospective study I
Commentary : Having too much evidence (depression, suicide, and low serum cholesterol)
Clinical effects of anticoagulant therapy in suspected acute myocardial infarction : systematic overview of randomised trials
One Hundred Years Ago : Whisky in Central Africa
Diabetes mellitus and raised serum triglyceride concentration in treated hypertension-are they of prognostic importance? Observational study
Rapid decrease of serum cholesterol concentration and postpartum depression
Routine follow up of breast cancer in primary care : randomised trial
Deprivation payments to general practitioners : limitations of census data
When I Use a Word... : Old chestnuts
An Ethical Debate : Child protection
Commentary : A flexible approach--but not too flexible
Commentary : Too blunt an instrument?
When I Use A Word... : Regime, regimen, regiment
ABC of Work Related Disorders : Building Related Illnesses
Caring for Older People : Rehabilitation and older people
Lesson of the Week : Reversible cardiogenic shock complicating subarachnoid haemorrhage
One Hundred Years Ago : Nurses' Hours of Work
Andrew Gordon Leitch
B A Sellick
Mary Belton
Bernard Jacques Brown
Jean Elaine Cree
Peter Robert Dean
Geoffrey Auty Dransfield ("Geoff")
Robert James Alexander Fraser ("Bob")
Margaret Gertrude Happey (nee Bell) ("Peggy")
John Provan
Philip Geoffrey Scott
Derek Strachan
Graham Whiteside ("Buck")
Use of hormone replacement theraphy : Evidence on risk of breast cancer associated with hormone replacement therapy is still inconclusive
Use of hormone replacement therapy : May depend on whether the menopause is regarded as physiological or pathological
Use of hormone replacement therapy : Authors gave distorted view through selective citation
Use of hormone replacement therapy : Hormone replacement therapy may not always be right choice to prevent cardiovascular disease
Modes of administration of morphine in cancer pain : Some doctors lack basic knowledge about prescribing morphine
Modes of administration of morphine in cancer pain : Formulations of morphine sulphate are easily confused
Naming of drugs : Differences between nomenclatures are much greater than editorial suggested
Naming of drugs : BMJ should use "paracetamol" instead of "acetaminophen" in its index
Cerebral oedema after MDMA ("ecstasy") and unrestricted water intake : Values for plasma osmolality may have been wrong
Cerebral oedema after MDMA ("ecstasy") and unrestricted water intake : Hyponatraemia must be treated with low water input
Cerebral oedema after MDMA ("ecstasy") and unrestricted water intake : Drug workers emphasise that water is not an antidote to drug
Authors' reply : Cerebral oedema after MDMA ("ecstacy") and unrestricted water intake
Area of skin disease can be used to indicate amount of treatment needed
Neurological effects of organophosphate pesticides
Diagnosis and management of migraine : Differential diagnosis may be different in patients presenting to an ophthalmologist
Diagnosis and management of migraine : Care needs to be taken with treatment
Diagnosis and management of migraine : Low dose aspirin may be used for prophylaxis
Authors' reply : Diagnosis and management of migraine
Problems with the penis and prepuce in children : Lichen sclerosus should be treated with corticosteroids to reduce need for surgery
Authors' reply : Problems with the penis and prepuce in children
Hyperkalaemic cardiac arrest : Use of suxamethonium should be avoided
Hyperkalaemic cardiac arrest : Patient may have had a muscular dystrophy or Andersen's syndrome
Hyperkalaemic cardiac arrest : May occur secondary to misuse of diuretics and potassium supplements
In general practice "registrars" are more likely to be perceived as qualified than are "trainees"
GMC's conduct committee is harsher to British than overseas doctors
Second opinion please
No physical signs
Deafness in Hollywood
Humanising therapy
This is where I start to draw the line
The Economic Laws of Scientific Research
A Good Death : Conversations with East Londoners
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