Congenital anterior abdominal wall defects
Intracoronary stents
Lactational amenorrhoea method for family planning
Barriers to evidence based policy
Drug delivery from inhaler devices
Cancer registration
Pesticide link with Gulf war syndrome
BMJ faces [pound sterling] 107000 bill over libel case
Smoke does get in your eyes
Widow backed in legal fight for husband's sperm
French doctors strike over night visits
South African doctors work to rule
Push to allow relatives to witness resuscitation
Half of German doctors were Nazis
Australia to reintroduce quotas on foreign doctors
Flu jab cuts hospital admissions by two thirds
Furore in Norway over private practice clampdown
New Zealand's voters focus on health
Prozac linked with minor birth defects
Congenital anterior abdominal wall defects in England and Wales 1987-93
Life expectancy in men who have never smoked and those who have smoked continuously
Effectiveness of lactational amenorrhoea in prevention of pregnancy in Manila, the Philippines
Effectiveness of the BBC's 999 training roadshows on cardiopulmonary resuscitation
House dust mite allergen in pillows
Improving uptake of prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism in general surgical patients using prospective audit
Continuing medical education and training for associate specialists
Postal questionnaire study of disability in the community associated with psoriasis
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Relation between general practitioners' prescribing of antibacterial drugs and their use of laboratory tests
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Lesson of the Week
Caring for Older People
Passive smoking and health
A memorable patient
ABC of Work Related Disorders
Keith Sutton
Walter William Cashmore
Geoffrey Alan Hodgson
Bartholomew James O'Driscoll ("Bat"),
Henry Oliver Albert Kley
Robert Joseph Patton ("Robin")
Home ventilation of a child with motor and sensory neuropathy
Home ventilation of a child with motor and sensory neuropathy
Home ventilation of a child with motor and sensory neuropathy
GPs need to be more proactive in providing health care to teenagers
Survival of patients initially resuscitated from out of hospital cardiac arrest
Author's reply
Data on eligibility for thrombolytic treatment cannot be generalised
Sunscreens, suntans, and skin cancer
Sunscreens, suntans, and skin cancer
Sunscreens, suntans, and skin cancer
Much effort is spent on treating drug misusers in prison
Community leg ulcer clinics
Community leg ulcer clinics
Authors' reply
Reference range for potassium concentration is lower in Barbados than Europe
Misdiagnosing the persistent vegetative state
Misdiagnosing the persistent vegetative state
Young female doctors report achieving fewer surgical skills than young male doctors
Advertisement for toremifene
Manufacturer's reply
Community pharmacists are increasingly supervising treatments
Septic arthritis in osteoarthritic hips
Authors' reply
More emergency insulin distribution projects should be set up
Stress in general practice
Stress in general practice
American guidelines on managed care are not the answer
Statistics should reflect existence of two Indias
Is it a mortgage? Is it a photocopier? No...
Obsolete jingoism
Bureaucracy gone mad
Consultant vacancies in the NHS--a short term solution?
The Elvis of pharmaceuticals
Care in Chaos
Occupation and Disease
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