Leptin in obesity
Listen to the parents
Primary care in the United States
Diagnosing death
"Is my practice evidence-based?" Should be answered in qualitative, as well as quantitative terms
Government proposes new deal for family doctors
In Brief
Drug use is unaffected by government policies
Genetic test for osteoporosis
Man walks free in Scottish euthanasia case
Dutch patients complain about poor access to euthanasia
Early combination treatment for AIDS is urged
Researchers claim abortion increases risk of breast cancer
Travellers are the unhealthiest people in Britain
Premature baby was not put on ventilator
Advice on treatment of handicapped babies offered
NHS consultants warn of dire cash crisis
Serum leptin concentration, obesity, and insulin resistance in Western Samoans
Cell mediated immunity after measles in Guinea-Bissau
Socioeconomic differences in mortality among diabetic people in Finland
Is lead in tap water still a public health problem? An observational study in Glasgow
A Memorable Patient
Capillary testing in an anticoagulant clinic
What worries parents when their preschool children are acutely ill, and why
Parents' difficulties and information needs in coping with acute illness in preschool children
Patients' accounts of calling the doctor out of hours
Averting a world food shortage
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ABC of Work Related Disorders
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Oscar Elliott Fisher
George Robert Tennant Birtwhistle
Anthony Bowyer
Alan Glass
Jarnail Singh Khara
Marjorie Lillian Penwill
Nigel Winnard Roberts
Selective abortion
Selective abortion
Selective abortion
Selective abortion
Selective abortion
Selective abortion
Terminations of pregnancy, not unplanned deliveries, increased as result of pill scare
Correcting outcome data for case mix in stroke medicine
Correcting outcome data for case mix in stroke medicine
Correcting outcome data for case mix in stroke medicine
Authors' reply
Measuring health outcomes
Measuring health outcomes
Journal is right to require patients' consent to publication
Need for a national arthroplasty register
Need for a national arthroplasty register
Current evaluations of information technology in health care are often inadequate
Placebo mania
Placebo mania
Placebo mania
Use of anabolic steroids has been reported by 9 percent of men attending gymnasiums
Usefulness of urine dipstick tests
Usefulness of urine dipstick tests
Unfair book reviews? Authors of book hit back
Reviewer's reply
Unfair book reviews? Editor of book hits back
Reviewer's reply
Drug donations to Bosnia-Hercegovina are often inappropriate
Fine doctors and fallen bishops
Blackpool is OK
My 27 year wait for an NHS diagnosis
The false breast
Pink ribbons in October
The Good Society
Themselves Writ Large
Queer Science
What next For Men?
Pleasure and Quality of Life
Smoke Screen
Medical Blunders. Amazing True Stories of Mad, Bad and Dangerous Doctors
Wrongful Death
Death Comes for Peter Pan
After Effects
The Voluntary Insane
The Railway Man
John Hall and his Patients
Mortally Wounded
Facing Death; The Dead Good Funerals Book