Acute low back pain : a new paradigm for management
Funding research in the NHS : The creation of a unified budget is progressing well
Treating breast cancer before surgery : Cure rates could be improved by better matching of drugs to disease
Avoiding discrimination against disabled people : A welcome new law, but problems ahead for doctors who have to decide who is disabled
Age, ethinicity, and mental illness : a triple whammy
The global cigarette : 12 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine by 2000
Dutch anti-alcohol campaign is under attack
Joe Camel beware as doctors strike back
In Brief
US sets new priorities for liver transplants
Fears over Ebola spread as nurse dies
Widow's case raises issues of informed consent
Hospitals are accident hotspots
Restrictions on paracetamol planned
Minister assures GPs over voluntary pilot studies
Mentally ill people face discrimination
Gene may code for anxiety
Unemployment quadruples among German doctors
Fetal retinal cells restore sight
Doctors and patients support right to die
Focus : Washington
Risk of diagnosis of ovarian cancer after raised serum CA 125 concentration : a prospective cohort study
Relation of caffeine intake and blood caffeine concentrations during pregnancy to fetal growth : prospective population based study
Comparison of effect of cafetiere and filtered coffee on serum concentrations of liver aminotransferases and lipids : six month randomised controlled trial
Ownership and uses of human tissue : Does the Nuffield bioethics report accord with opinion of surgical inpatients?
Variation in local policies and guidelines for cholesterol management : national survey
NHS breast screening programme : is the high incidence of interval cancers inevitable?
Increased incidence of primary total hip replacement in rural communities
Prevalence of potentially inappropriate long term prescribing in general practice in the United Kingdom, 1980-95 : systematic literature review
Telemedicine : a cautious welcome
Can telemedicine be used to improve communication between primary and secondary care?
Commentary : Telemedicine trials--clinical pull or technology push?
Sentiweb : French communicable disease surveillance on the world wide web
Commentary : How good are the epidemiological data?
Commentary : Public access to surveillance data
Commentary : Telepreventive medicine--the autobahn to health
Fortnightly Review : Insulin resistance
Are research ethics committees behaving unethically? Some suggestions for improving performance and accountability
Contraceptive implants : long acting and provider dependent contraception raises concerns about freedom of choice
Fooled again
Sheila Eades
John Alexander Fulton Huston
Colin McKie Johnston
Rennie Thalanany Joseph
Eric Edmund O'Malley ("Ted")
James Frederick Rickards ("Jim")
Clive Hamilton Young
Designer drinks and drunkenness among schoolchildren : Study left several questions unanswered
Designer drinks and drunkenness among schoolchildren : More "alcopops" have come on market since study was done
Authors' reply : Designer drinks and drunkenness among schoolchildren
Algorithm to predict radiological erosions in early rheumatoid arthritis : Messages from paper are incorrect
Authors' reply : Algorithm to predict radiological erosions in early rheumatoid arthritis
Health workers and the baby food industry : Subject deserves much more serious consideration
Author's reply : Health workers and the baby food industry
Health workers and the baby food industry : New developments in Nestle court case in India
Costs that would be incurred in establishing "difficult airway register" could be better spent
Intravenous immunoglobulin in the Guillain-Barre syndrome : May cause severe adverse skin reactions
Intravenous immunoglobulin in the Guillain-Barre syndrome : Products with low IgA content may be used in patients with total IgA deficiency
Impact factors need to be improved
Non-fatal overdosing is related to polydrug use in Glasgow
Private practice : Offering preferential NHS treatment to doctors is embarrassing
Private practice : Same standards of staffing and equipment should apply in NHS and private sector
Private practice : Author is lucky that his waiting list can be managed quickly
Private practice : Many reasons exist for choosing private treatment
Private practice : Insurers, doctors, and patients do not need to be apologetic about private treatment
Jury is still out on National Blood Service
Caring for older people : Caring for carers should be included in undergraduate curriculum
Caring for older people : Carers need financial assistance to buy help
Caring for older people : Article omitted to mention Princess Royal Trust for Carers...
Caring for older people : ... and Crossroads Association
Infants in Sandwell are screened for haemoglobinopathy gene
Proportion of BMJ's editorials on medical subjects is decreasing
Standardising crash call numbers : A minor issue compared with need to change concept of cardiac arrest team
Standardising crash call numbers : A recommendation already exists
Goals and methods of audit should be reappraised : Audit as an essential part of summative assessment needs reconsideration
Goals and methods of audit should be reappraised : Evidence of effectiveness of audit in improving care is growing
Blood donated after vaccination with rabies vaccine derived from sheep brain cells might transmit CJD
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund's Christmas appeal
Race may be hard to define
"Sorry, you won't be able to see this..."
Skylisia Zoe
Looking living death in the face
How to control the misuse of health services
The degradation of Josip Broz
Evidence Based Medicine--How to Practice and Teach EBM
Skin Lesions
Medical Information on the Internet; Health on the Internet