Brain damage in divers : Diving itself may cause brain damage-but we need more evidence
Dopamine in oliguria : Should be used for specific conditions, not as prophylaxis
Compliance becomes concordance : Making a change in terminology produce a change in behaviour
Training senior house officers : The lost tribes are still in the wilderness-and breeding
Drug treatments for Alzheimer's disease : Raise clinical and ethical problems
Legal challenge to rationing of haemophilia treatment is lost
Military medical services are at crisis point
In brief
US to encourage more black people to join research trials
Heroin users wanted for Dutch medical experiment
Genetics body reviews cloning law
Inhaled steroids increase risk of glaucoma
Communication increases donor transplant rate
Doctors can reduce the harmful effects of poverty
Loophole exposed in testing of child medicines
Red Cross ensures health of hostages in Peru
Turkish doctors collude in torture
HIV trial stopped early after good results
No sign of slowing down
Cohort study of multiple brain lesions in sport divers : role of a patent foramen ovale
Cross sectional analysis of mortality by country of birth in England and Wales, 1970-92
Influence of changing travel patterns on child death rates from injury : trend analysis
Senior house officers' work related stressors, psychological distress, and confidence in performing clinical tasks in accident and emergency : a questionnaire study
One Hundred Years Ago : Surgeons in the pulpit
Senior house officer training : is it getting better? A questionnaire survey
Increased parity and risk of trisomy 21 : review of 37 110 live births
Commentary : Down's syndrome and parity
Open randomised trial of prescribing strategies in managing sore throat
Letting the job get to you
Fortnightly review : Tinnitus-investigation and management
Lesson of the week : Hypokalaemia and hypertension associated with use of liquorice flavoured chewing gum
ABC of clinical haematology : The acute leukaemias
Guidelines for drug donations
Senior house officers in medicine : postal survey of training and work experience
My biggest financial coup
Primary care-opportunities and threats : Developing prescribing in primary care
Personal paper : Writing prescriptions is easy
Words to the Wise : Poison arrows
Treatment for haemophilia by postocode
Whose data are they anyway? Access to raw data would need legislation
Whose data are they anyway? Datasharing would cause problems in nuclear industry
Whose data are they anyway? Food industry could be misusing data
Funding of contraceptive implants is crucial
Reducing paracetamol overdoses : Provide hurdles to overdosing
Reducing paracetamol overdoses : Proposals will have negative effects
Reducing paracetamol overdoses : Paracetamol is wrongly blamed
Reducing paracetamol overdoses : Methionine should be included in all paracetamol preparations
Medical royal colleges should have reduced rates for doctors working flexibly
Patients go hungry in British hospitals : Malnutrition is common, unrecognised, and treatable in hospital patients
Patients go hungry in British hospital : Department of Health should commission research on this problem
Thyrotoxicosis in multiple trauma : Pre-existing medical conditions must be taken into account in multiple trauma
Thyrotoxicosis in multiple trauma : Malignant hyperpyrexia should have been considered
Authors' reply : Thyrotoxicosis in multiple trauma
Writing in English for an international readership : Our language reflects our diversity
Writing in English for an international readership : Readers don't have to come from overseas to benefit from plain English
Writing in English for an international readership : Be clear, concise, and correct
Writing in English for an international readership : Readers who want to read "a rich language" should buy a novel
Writing in English for an international readership : Use short sentences
Writing in English for an international readership : Words used must be able to put chosen message across to chosen audience
Writing in English for an international readership : Language used for professionals can be different from that used for lay people
Positive findings of mammography may lead to suicide
Doctors as well as patients need education to ensure adherence to treatment regimens
Treatment of breast cancer before surgery will present pathologists with challenges
Lionel Maurice Clayden
Harvey Stephen Besterman
Denis Charles Bodenham
Leonard Capper
Margaret Joan Cash
James Rankin ("Jim") Davison
Nevill Gibson
Pieter Robert Geoffrey Graham
Byron Griffiths
William Hanks
Henry Frederick Hiscocks
John Medwyn Hughes
Wrong number
There's nothing I can do, I'm only a doctor
The fight for the mouths of babes
Seduced by Death : Doctors, Patients, and the Dutch Cure
Full House : The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
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