Race, ethnicity, and sexual health : Can sexual health programmes be directed without stereotyping
Disillusioned doctors : Need a better balance between service commitment and education
Supporting diversity in primary care : If autonomy improves general practitioners' morale, nobody has a long term interest in taking it away
Fighting malaria : A new campaign for the next millenium
European surveillance network to be set up
Woman asks court for peaceful death
In brief
New French government will try to reduce health costs
US patients can sue HMOs
Canadian GPs retire early to save money
Suicide hotline to be set up for Australian doctors
Israeli plans to sue tobacco companies
Germany to reform GP training
Personal responsibility, not rationing, is the way forward
Dutch presidency has seen a quiet revolution in public health
BMA rules out move to "super hospitals"
Focus : Washington
Analysis of the sociodemography of gonorrhoea in Leeds, 1989-93
A salutary lesson : Family secrets
Gonorrhoea in inner London : results of a cross sectional study
My most unfortunate mistake : A memorable viva
Poverty or income inequality as predictor of mortality : longitudinal cohort study
Commentary : Income inequality summarises the health burden of individual relative deprivation
BMJ audit : time to decision and publication
Does it matter who requests necropsies? Prospective study of effect of clinical audit on rate of requests
General practitioner centred scheme for treatment of opiate dependent drug injectors in Glasgow
Before the internet : Medical advice for the world
Recent advances : Diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer
ABC of mental health : Mental health emergencies
Sexual health-a Health of the Nation failure
HIV and AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis in ethnic minorities in United Kingdom : Is surveillance serving its purpose?
Is research into ethnicity and health racist, unsound, or important science?
Save our service
Iron deficiency anaemia : Gastrointestinal endoscopy should always be used
Iron deficiency anaemia : Limit investigations if iron deficiency has no obvious cause
Iron deficiency anaemia : Patients must be screened for coeliac disease
Iron deficiency anaemia : Is important in young children
Authors' reply : Iron deficiency anaemia
More teenagers seem to be seeking contraceptive advice from their general practitioner
Increased parity and risk of trisomy 21 : Study measured prevalence of Down's syndrome at birth, not incidence
Authors' reply : Iron deficiency anaemia
Brain damage in divers : The risk has been underestimated
Brain damage in divers : Cross sectional studies are inconclusive, longitudinal studies are more appropriate
Authors' reply : Brain damage in divers
Consent procedure for coronary angioplasty is haphazard
Informed participation in screening is essential
Wait for further evidence confirming effect of interferon beta in multiple sclerosis
Deaths related to methadone have doubled in Lothian
Increased house dust mite allergen in synthetic pillows may explain increased wheezing
Thyroxine should be tried in clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid patients
Large pragmatic randomised studies of new antiepileptic drugs are needed
Patients from coronary care units should be given their electrocardiograms and carry them at all times
Photograph was insensitive
Editors are justified in asking authors to cite equivalent references from same journal
New Zealand priority criteria project : More use should be made of patient oriented quality of life measures
New Zealand priority criteria project
Sir Robert Stevenson Aitken
Abraham Ansell
Peter Llewellyn Blaxter
Alan James Booth
James Stark Greig Burnett
James Brian ("Jim") Clark
The last examiner
Chasm of care
Street car maims. Desire?
Why Michael Couldn't Hit
Sir Thomas Lewis : Pioneer Cardiologist and Clinical Scientist
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