Risk, safety, and the dark side of quality : Improving quality in health care should include removing the causes of harm
Treating diarrhoea : Severe community acquired diarrhoea calls for an antimicrobial drug, preferably a quinolone
Chlamydia pneumoniae and coronary heart disease : Coincidence, association, or causation?
Screening for people with a family history of colorectal cancer : Target invasive screening to younger people with truly high risk
Review of NHS spending begins
Poverty to have priority in NHS
In brief
Surrogacy to be reviewed in United Kingdom
US attempts to keep Medicare solvent
Russia fears rapid increase in HIV infection
Australian orphans were used as guinea pigs
New Filipino law may harm inner city care
The Maasai move to eliminate trachoma
Romania adopts new transplant law
European Union to send medical aid to Guatemala
Near patient tests are poorly evaluated
Wales is set 20 health targets
Health authority tries to reclaim [pound sterling] 700 000 settlement
Doctors must be chosen with care
Focus : Westminster
Randomised controlled trial of effect of fruit and vegetable consumption on plasma concentrations of lipids and antioxidants
Cohort study of effect of being overweight and change in weight on risk of coronary heart disease in old age
Secular trend in the occurrence of asthma among children and young adults : critical appraisal of repeated cross sectional surveys
Treatment of herpes simplex gingivostomatitis with aciclovir in children : a randomised double blind placebo controlled study
Unsupervised surgical training : questionnaire study
Drug points : Ocular damage associated with proton pump inhibitors
Recruitment, retention, and time commitment change of general practitioners in England and Wales, 1990-4 : a retrospective study
Commentary : There is urgent need to raise recruitment-even to stand still
Fortnightly review : Cognitive behaviour therapy-clinical applications
ABC of mental health : Community mental health services
A lesson learnt : My brother's keeper?
The injustice of compensation for victims of medical accidents
Managed care : Origins, principles, and evolution
Nicotine replacement therapy should be prescribable on NHS
Dietary treatment of active Crohn's disease : Dietary treatment is best for children
Dietary treatment of active Crohn's disease : Diet is the best treatment
Author's reply : Dietary treatment of active Crohn's disease
Hypothesis that people with coronary heart disease are living longer is supported
Cyclosporin can be used in early rheumatoid arthritis
Senior house officer training : Training must be more structured
Senior house officer training : Improved training may have more to do with money than with new shifts
Senior house officer training : Impact of existing peer review visits needs to be increased
Senior house officer training : When midwives perform obstetric tasks at night, trainees can spend more supervised time in clinics
Blood donation, body iron stores, and risk of myocardial infarction : Confidence intervals and possible selection bias call study results into question
Authors' reply : Blood donation, body iron stores, and risk of myocardial infarction
Most British research and development in primary care arises outside rural areas
Chaplains on transplant teams facilitate permission being given for organ donation
Amiodarone pulmonary toxicity : Authors did not emphasise typical radiological and histological features sufficiently
Amiodarone pulmonary toxicity : Amiodarone should be used with caution in patients in intensive care
Author's reply : Amiodarone pulmonary toxicity
Systematic reviews provide information not contained in traditional narrative reviews
Does setting good practice standards for research ethics committees increase their legal liability?
Mechanism of accountability needs to be developed for changing role of healthcare professionals
Alcohol misuse among doctors : Treatment should be offered
Alcohol misuse among doctors : Eliminating stress is the way forward
Breast cancer screening for younger women is not an efficient use of resources
Vegetarians and vegans may be most at risk from low selenium intakes
John Henry Harper Clough
Florence Ruth Dingley (nee Clulow)
Ronald Wilfred Lewis Hall
Eric Alister Knappett
Enid Sylvia LeGrange
The Child B case-reflections of a chief executive
The death of childhood
Stroke : A Practical Guide to Management
Abortion : Between Freedom and Necessity
Safe Practice in Endoscopic Surgery