Physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, or withdrawal of treatment : Distinguishing between them clarifies moral, legal, and practical positions
General practice fundholding and health care costs : Fundholding is not containing prescribing, referrals, or emergency admissions
London's healthcare services-again : Some good ideas, but implementation needs political skill and government commitment
The changing face of ectopic pregnancy : Laparoscopic or medical treatment should now replace laparotomy
Indicators of clinical performance : Problematic, but poor standards of care must be tackled
US clinical research under threat
Smoking crackdown by UK government
Half the deaths of young infants may be avoidable
Shake up of emergency surgery needed
Goodbye to the "hello nurse" in casualty departments
"Smart" rationing is possible
Ruling on interferon beta will hit all health authorities
Dear Mr Dobson . . .
Cerebral palsy linked to maternal fever
US doctors lie to help patients
Canada cuts drug evaluation procedures
Impact of postmenopausal hormone therapy on cardiovascular events and cancer : pooled data from clinical trials
A memorable patient : Early treatment of H pylori
Randomised, double blind, multicentre comparison of hydrochlorothiazide, atenolol, nitrendipine, and enalapril in antihypertensive treatment : results of the HANE study
Inpatient deaths from acute myocardial infarction, 1982-92 : analysis of data in the Nottingham heart attack register
Increased brain serotonin function in men with chronic fatigue syndrome
When I use a word . . . : Quacks
How has fundholding in Northern Ireland affected prescribing patterns? A longitudinal study
What is to be done about fundholding?
Any questions : The benefits of influenza immunisation
Fortnightly review : Plantar fasciitis
ABC of mental health : Disorders of personality
Advice that changed my practice : Have a heart attack
How to read a paper : The Medline database
Self monitoring of glucose by people with diabetes : Urine testing provides only historical information
Self monitoring of glucose by people with diabetes : Self monitoring improves quality of life and prognosis of people with diabetes
Self monitoring of glucose by people with diabetes : Self monitoring is vital for people with impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia
Self monitoring of glucose by people with diabetes : Patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes should monitor urine rather than blood glucose
Self monitoring of glucose by people with diabetes : Author's reply
Multiple myeloma : Surgery is often more effective than analgesia for mechanical pain
Multiple myeloma : Surgical stabilisation often provides good pain relief
Catheters smaller than 24 French gauge can be used for chest drains
Screening for prostate cancer : Randomised trials of treatment in early disease are important
Screening for prostate cancer : Early screening is important despite lack of data from trials
Trials of streptokinase in stroke depend on early, accurate diagnosis
Tuberculosis treatment is expensive for patients in developing countries
Alcohol consumption may influence onset of the menopause
Chronic venous ulcer : Some references may be misleading
Chronic venous ulcer : Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a cost effective option
Chronic venous ulcer : Causes are often multifactorial and a holistic approach is required
Chronic venous ulcer : Authors' reply
Counselling should be provided before parents are told of presence of ultrasonographic "soft markers" of fetal abnormality
Harm resulting from screening is likely to be high where prevalence of breast cancer is low
Minimising factitious hyperkalaemia : Samples should be centrifuged after collection in general practices
Minimising factitious hyperkalaemia : Centrifuging samples may help prevent false readings
Minimising factitious hyperkalaemia : HIV positive doctors deserve support
Support and treatment of serious comorbidity also improve survival in breast cancer
How widespread is prejudice against sick doctors by self help groups?
Man's fractured sternum was probably due to snake's weight when it fell
David Wilson Bain
Philip Norreys Coleman
Cyril Farquharson Coutts-wood
Rajat Kumar Dutta
Luke Joseph Glancy
Robert ("Bob") Love Lamming
David Steel Lewes
John Miller
Walter Bedrich Petana
John Neville Shephard
George Malcolm Temple Tate
Martin Saddler Williamson
BUPA replies to BMA's criticism
Salaried GPs to be focus for primary care pilot schemes
Doctors criticise airline's sickness policy
Pathology and radiology will be excluded from PFI projects
Two doctors join Commons health committee
Professional highs
The danger of honest admission
The traumas of casualty departments
Understanding Cancer : From Basic Science to Clinical Practice
Women and Alcohol : Contemporary and Historical Perspectives