Preventing perinatal infections : Need for a simple, inexpensive, safe intervention that can be used routinely in all women
Regulating the pharmaceutical industry : Pricing should be renegotiated to control research costs and encourage cost effectiveness
Misconduct in research : editors respond
User fees : They don't reduce costs, and they increase inequity
When the next influenza pandemic comes : Be prepared, or procrastinate and panic
Consultant struck off over research fraud
Number of Welsh trusts likely to be cut
Two doctors confess to helping patients to die
More freedom for doctors to move within EU
European Commission looking to cut junior doctor's hours
Patenting of genes moves one stage closer
Pain is often misdiagnosed
Screening for fragile X is cost effective and accurate
Half of the world lives in "medieval" squalor
GP fundholders can no longer jump the queue
US tobacco firms target Asia
Romania to change health system
Over a third of trusts in England face financial difficulties
Focus : Sydney
Contribution of deaths related to alcohol use to socioeconomic variation in morality : register based follow up study
Effect of cleansing the birth canal with antiseptic solution on maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality in Malawi : clinical trial
Commentary : Sources of bias must be controlled
A person who profoundly affected my life : The eye doctor
Bone density and risk of hip fracture in men and women : cross sectional analysis
When I use a word . . . : Oe no!
Comparison of two methods of screening for genital chlamydial infection in women attending in general practice : cross sectional survey
A memorable patient : Out of Africa
New connections between medical knowledge and patient care
Science, medicine, and the future : Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
ABC of mental health : Psychosexual problems
How to read a paper : Getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about)
Informed consent : The central problem is often poor design and conduct of trials
Informed consent : Journals should require routine reporting of consent rates
Informed consent : Other societies have different concepts of autonomy
Informed consent : British institutions collaborating in projects overseas may face dilemma
Informed consent : Research studies in diving medicine are considered by Ministry of Defence research ethics committee
Informed consent : Subjects may not understand concept of clinical trials
Informed consent : Informed consent is not always obtained in United States
Informed consent : Research in pregnancy brings special considerations
Informed consent : Explicit guidance is required on valid exemptions for need for ethical review
Informed consent : Lack of respect for patients in medical research may reflect wider disrespect in clinical practice
Informed consent : Rigorous studies are needed to determine values of interventions
Informed consent : Trials that use Zelen's procedure should be acceptable
Informed consent : Not seeking informed consent breaches patient's charter
Informed consent : Ethical principles may need to be adapted when research subject is not an individual subject
Informed consent : Study in which patients had HIV tests could have been designed differently
Informed consent : Informed consent is light years away for black African patients
Informed consent : Research suffers if patients suspect that their rights may be breached
Informed consent : Patients' knowledge that they are participating in trial may not bias results
Informed consent : Two stage randomisation and consent would overcome many problems
Informed consent : Ability to be informed is separate from ability to give consent
Informed consent : "Blanket" consent to trials would be a good idea
Informed consent : Respect for autonomy may conflict with principle of beneficence
French committee will investigate proposed link between activities of nuclear reprocessing plant and leukaemia
Plans are needed on how to cope with demand for ventilation during pandemic influenza
Scientists should inform public of risks of transgenic experimentation
Public should know of efficacy of early hospital treatment of paracetamol overdose
Balance in long term follow up between secondary and primary care is necessary
Hilda Cantrell
Sean Coyle
Benjamin Glen Dalton
Constance Marion ("Con") Davis (nee Bradbury)
Freda C J Fawcett (nee Nicoll)
Walter Stephen Hart
Thomas Michael Hennebry
John Glyn Jones
Charles Langmaid
Douglas Craig Lillie
John Lawrence Patton
John Ernest Tinne
Alexander Hutton ("Sandy") Wilson
GPs warned about pilot schemes
[pound sign]1.2bn boost for health will not be enough
Home Office tackles underage drinking
Hello sailor
More money for training?
A very special day
Practical Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Day Surgery
Prevention and Control of Pain in Children. A Manual for Health Care Professionals