Hostility and the heart : It's the hostility in type A personality that matters, but which element of hostility?
Consent for transfusion : A duty of care
Developing high quality clinical databases : The key to a new research paradigm
Do professions have a future? : Perhaps,if they are not defensive or complacent
Sequencing of Helicobacter pylori will radically alter research
Gene mutation offers resistance to AIDS
United States bans smoking on federal property
Britain has become less equal in death
French scientist resigns in nuclear contamination row
Genetic engineering reverses antibiotic resistance
Death rates in Russia rise dramatically
Road injury fees to be enforced in Britain
Health of heroin misusers in Germany drops
Ban on pressurising Canadian doctors to work in remote areas
Three days needed to recover from head injuries
Is this the end of research as we know it?
Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the United Kingdom : analysis of epidemiological surveillance data for 1970-96
Commentary : Age related exposure of patients to the agent of BSE should not be downplayed
Birth weight and risk of cardiovascular disease in a cohort of women followed up since 1976
Birth weight and cognitive function in young adult life : historical cohort study
Association between raised body temperature and acute mountain sickness : cross sectional study
Age related dietary exposure to meat products from British dietary surveys of teenagers and adults in the 1980s and 1990s
Is histological examination of tissue removed by general practitioners always necessary? Before and after comparison of detection rates of serious skin lesions
A memorable patient : Death in the Scottish Highlands
Fortnightly review : Environmental control systems for people with a disability
ABC of mental health : Mental health in old age
A memorable patient : The patient's best interest?
Personal paper : Beliefs and evidence in changing clinical practice
How to read a paper : Statistics for the non-statistician. II
An unfortunate mistake : A heartbeat too many
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy threatens drugs in European Union
Figures given for bed complement in Edinburgh were wrong
Delays in diagnosing oesophagogastric cancer : Attempts to reduce delays in diagnosis should be done in controlled trial
Delays in diagnosing oesophagogastric cancer : Small study showed no difference in delay with stage
Delays in diagnosing oesophagogastric cancer : Provision of endoscopy in primary care speeds diagnosis
Delays in diagnosing oesophagogastric cancer : Misconceptions exist over whether delay in diagnosis influences survival
Delays in diagnosing oesophagogastric cancer : Small study found that four fifths of delay was due to patients
Screening for mannose binding protein gene in routine practice is unnecessary
Sexual medicine : Integrated services for sexual health care are the way forward
Sexual medicine : Models of integrated sexual health services already exist
Sexual medicine : Genitourinary medicine clinics are an obvious place for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Safety in acupuncture : Rigorous accreditation schedule for acupuncture already exists
Safety in acupuncture : Core curriculum is important
Safety in acupuncture : Guidelines on practice of acupuncture exist
Association between voting patterns and mortality remains
Changes in laws are necessary to allow patients detained under Mental Health Act to vote
Humphrey John Done
Denis Anthony Joseph Ebrill
Charles Dale Falconer
Peter Machin Jeavons
Margot Koeman
Bernard Lennox
George Marner Lloyd
Maud Perry Menzies (nee MacDougall)
Jeremiah Nicholas ("Nick") Twohig
Diagnosing trees and men
We should look at complaints again
Enuresis-the cause that dares not speak its name
Abrams' Angiography : Volume III
Health Care Reform : Learning from International Experience
Britain Divided : the Growth of Social Exclusion in the 1980s and 1990s
Classic Teachings in Clinical Cardiology : a Tribute to W Proctor Harvey