Multiple sclerosis, depression, and suicide : Clinicians should pay more attention to psychopathology
Growth hormone : panacea or punishment for short stature?
Occipital plagiocephaly : an epidemic of craniosynostosis?
Child health promotion and its challenge to medical education : Doctors need practical preventive skills they can use in clinical settings
The future of vascular services : the need for a strategy
Authorship is dying : long live contributorship
Health will be key responsibility of new Scottish parliament
France to investigate illegal sterilisation of mentally ill patients
In brief
BMA calls for 10% pay increase for doctors
Group to vet any plans to close psychiatric hospitals in Britain
Thalidomide ban to be lifted in the US
Poor sterilisation of instruments leads to infection outbreak in Paris
Information on drug efficacy must be given
Virus set against virus
Vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus reported
Calcium supplements reduce risk fracture
Exportability of managed care is limited
Speaking out for the right of women to choose
Should we pay the patient? Review of financial incentives to enhance patient compliance
A memorable patient : Ward cleaner's clinical observation
Long term results of growth hormone treatment in France in children of short stature : population, register based study
Rising incidence of insulin dependent diabetes in children aged under 5 years in the Oxford region : time trend analysis
Investigation into the increase in hay fever and eczema at age 16 observed between the 1958 and 1970 British birth cohorts
Comparison of the prediction by 27 different factors of coronary heart disease and death in men and women of the Scottish heart health study : cohort study
Science, medicine, and the future : Malaria
ABC of mental health : Psychological treatments
Should we screen for gestational diabetes? : "The concept of gestational diabetes was popularised before considerations of evidence based medicine came on the scene" *RF 1*
The case for screening for gestational diabetes
How to read a paper : Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research)
Any questions : Use of a statin for reducing cholesterol levels
Authorship : Changing authorship system might be counterproductive
Authorship : System acknowledging roles of contributors is best
Authorship : Question of authorship concerns everyone in training grades
Authorship : Coworkers should be named
Authorship : Work done by junior researchers gives rise to problems
Authorship : Bhopal and colleagues' suggested method of ordering authors wouldn't work
Authorship : New authorship practices are needed in developing countries
Authorship : Authorship is influenced by power and departmental politics
Authorship : Fierce disputes about order of authors sometimes occur in China
Authorship : Knowing who did what in studies is important
Authorship : Without a putative contributor, would the integrity of the work change?
Authorship : Assessment of authorship depends on culture
Authorship : Researchers' objective is to get the job done
Authorship : Author saw fraud, misconduct, and unfairness to more junior staff
Authorship : Excluding authors may be impossible
Authorship : Number of publications given on curricula vitae should be limited
General practice fundholding and health care costs : Fundholding has curbed increases in prescribing costs
General practice fundholding and health care costs : Fundholding seems not to be implicated in rise in emergency admissions
General practice fundholding and health care costs : Fundholding gives choice of alternatives if local service is poor
General practice fundholding and health care costs : Author's reply
Guidelines on circumcision : Legal position is unclear
Guidelines on circumcision : No longer recommended routinely in North America
Warfarin use in patients with atrial fibrillation : May increase risk of haemorrhage in elderly patients
Warfarin use in patients with atrial fibrillation : Better surveillance is needed
Warfarin use in patients with atrial fibrillation : Authors' reply
Title of news item on stillbirths was inaccurate
Bitten-by taxonomy
New logo : Is this a new use for intrauterine contraceptive devices?
New logo : Columnist's reply
George Andrew Douglas Gordon
Basil Sydney Grant
John Alexander Holden Henderson
Sadrudin Kassam Mohamed Jivani
Andrew Edward Bertie Matthews
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Alastair Ian Ross
Helen Mary Slack (nee Taylor)
Tamirisa Venkateswarlu ("Tom Venkat")
James Watson
Benjamin Weinstein
Better ads for healthier people
Breast feeding does not always work
The Lost Art of Healing
The Undertaking : Life Studies from a Dismal Trade