Intracytoplasmic sperm injection : offering hope for a term pregnancy and a healthy child?
When lifesaving treatment in children is not the answer : A set of guidelines that reflect clinical and emotional reality
The future of preschool vision screening services in Britain : We need better research on which to base policy decisions
Too soon to market : Doctors and patients need more information before drugs enter routine use
Opiate detoxification under anaesthesia : Enthusiasm must be tempered with caution and scientific scrutiny
Correction : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
UK exempts motor racing from advertising ban
Canadian doctor calls for more education on abortion
In Brief
Scientists call for whistleblowers' charter
Welsh patients guaranteed a local hospital bed
Oregon reaffirms assisted suicide
UK bans powerful laser pointers
GMC takes racial discrimination seriously
UK does not have distinct drug culture
Methadone treatment increases in EU
Milk intake and bone mineral acquisition in adolescent girls : randomised, controlled intervention trial
Birth defects in infants conceived by intracytoplasmic sperm injection : an alternative interpretation
Commentary : Major defects are overestimated
Variation in management of small invasive breast cancers detected on screening in the former South East Thames region : observational study
A memorable patient : Mental illness became real and personal
Is the SF-36 a valid measure of change in population health? Results from the Whitehall II study
Deficient colour vision and interpretation of histopathology slides : cross sectional study
Prevalence of HIV-1 infection among heterosexual men and women attending genitourinary clinics in Scotland : unlinked anonymous testing
Endpiece : Escaping the future
Omeprazole, H sub 2 blockers, and polyarthralgia : case-control study
Challenges in managing dyspepsia in general practice
A memorable patient : A stitch in time
Science, medicine, and the future : Gene therapy
Memorable patients : The social admission and the considerate consultant
ABC of palliative care : Constipation and diarrhoea
Ethical debate : Why are doctors ambivalent about patients who misuse alcohol?
The case history and survey of doctors' attitudes
Doctors have a community responsibility
The legal position
Doctors neglect their own alcohol problems as well as those of their patients
Whose secret is it anyway?
A patient who changed my practice : A unique free lunch
Women's health : The childbearing years and after
More widespread public debate on rationing is essential
Patients' assessments of disability in multiple sclerosis : Most patients have difficulty in rating themselves on visual analogue scales
Patients' assessments of disability in multiple sclerosis : Most patients have difficulty in rating themselves on visual analogue scales
Screening people with a family history of cancer : Benefit of screening for ovarian cancer is unproved
Screening people with a family history of cancer : Taking a family history in primary care is important
Unsupervised surgical training : Logbooks are essential for assessing progress
Unsupervised surgical training : Surgical training teaches surgical method, surgical anatomy, and operative skills
Unsupervised surgical training : Other specialties can learn from level of supervision of surgical training
Discontinuation of cervical spine immobilisation : Immobilisation should not be discontinued in unconscious patients
Discontinuation of cervical spine immobilisation : In children, cord injury may be present despite normal radiographic appearances
Resuscitation : New advisory statements on life support have been published
Resuscitation : Resuscitation Council (UK) wants everyone who uses new recovery position to report experiences
Study to predict which elderly patients will fall shows difficulties in deriving and validating a model
Determining precise role of ethnicity in disease will be difficult
New connections between medical knowledge and patient care : Human condition is full of decisions that aren't simple yes/no decisions
New connections between medical knowledge and patient care : Intervention of health professionals acts as an inductance, not as a resistor
New connections between medical knowledge and patient care : Patients in most need of medical attention are least able to operate computers
New connections between medical knowledge and patient care : Information technology has much to offer certain aspects of health care
General practitioners want to know whether a treatment works and is safe in practice
Pigeon fancier's lung : Current methodology is not sensitive enough to monitor effectiveness of avoidance measures
Pigeon fancier's lung : Pigeon racers will not want to reduce time spent in lofts
Changing face of ectopic pregnancy : Medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy preserves reproductive potential
Changing face of ectopic pregnancy : Each centre should validate diagnostic algorithms for its own patients
Anaesthetists in Poland are on hunger strike
If a wound is "neatly incised" it is not a laceration
Shedden Alexander
Harri ("Bev") Bevan-Jones
Bruce Hindley Grant
Maurice Alfred Lecutier
Norman Slade
Health of the NHS workforce to be reviewed
Out of hours fund disappoints GPs' leaders
Doctors advised on advertising
GPs' staff can continue to hand over medicines
Trust board members must back NHS
The conker tree
Infection control in hospitals-sink or swim?
Less of a craft, more of a science
Multidrug resistant tuberculosis and HIV : a personal experience
Crafting Science : A Sociohistory of the Quest for the Genetics of Cancer
Between Bench and Bedside : Science, Healing, and Interleukin-2 in a Cancer Ward
The Gift Relationship : From Human Blood to Social Policy
Man and Wife : Richard and Kay Titmuss-My Parents' Early Years