Antenatal HIV testing
Reducing road traffic
Is clinical effectiveness a management issue?
Steroids and depression
Continuing medical education
US scientists extend the life of human cells
In brief
Air pollution hastens deaths of up to 24 000 in UK
Israel's medical complaints system updated
Fernando Antezana drops out of WHO leadership race
Structure of avian flu virus confirmed
Heavy smoking may cause irreversible damage to arteries
Dutch doctor refuses to treat smokers
Flooding in Somalia takes heavy toll
US journal embroiled in another conflict of interest scandal
Local groups will commission health services in Wales
A crusader with a sense of humour
Epidemiology and detection of HIV-1 among pregnant women in the United Kingdom
Factors affecting uptake of antenatal HIV testing in London
Uptake and acceptability of antenatal HIV testing
Review of uptake of interventions to reduce mother to child transmission of HIV by women aware of their HIV status
Antenatal HIV testing
Late diagnosis of paediatric HIV infection in south west London
Does uptake of antenatal HIV testing depend on the individual midwife? Cross sectional study
Questionnaire survey of thrombolytic treatment in accident and emergency departments in the United Kingdom
Prospective comparative study of culture speciments and methods in diagnosing influenza in adults
Recognising meningococcal disease in primary care
Fifty years ago
Recent advances
Understanding controlled trials
One hundred years ago
ABC of palliative care
From exceptionalism to normalisation
HIV testing and HIV prevention in Sweden
The New NHS
Counting and accounting in the new NHS
Clinical governance
Will improved clinical information help realise the new NHS?
Guidelines and quality of clinical services in the new NHS
From health care to health
Continuing medical education
A memorable patient
Future of vascular services
Future of vascular services
Future of vascular services
Future of vascular services
Future of vascular services
Future of vascular services
Agencies need to work together on general practitioner staffing
Antenatal screening for HIV would have considerable resource implications
Candidate for WHO post explains his view further
Drug treatment of depression
Drug treatment of depression
Long term alpha tocopherol may yet prolong life
Abdominal obesity and disease are linked to social position
Managing established coronary heart disease
Managing established coronary heart disease
Registration exists for counsellors and psychotherapists
Why the BMJ needs data on doctors
Why the BMJ needs data on doctors
Clinical benefit must not be confused with cost benefit
Several assays show hepatitis B positivity soon after vaccination
Meta-analysis and the meta-epidemiology of clinical research
Meta-analysis and the meta-epidemiology of clinical research
Research ethics committees must ensure registration of research and accessibility of results
Misuse of illicit drugs
Misuse of illicit drugs
Test accuracy is example of redundant information
George Philip Arden
Michael Philip Coplans
Margaret Davenport
Archibald Campbell Holms
Ronald George Lawler
Hugh Mannington
Robert Samuel ("Bob") Nixon
Desmond Oswald Oliver
Charles Andrew Pearson
Bernard Sandler
William Shepherd
Katherine ("Kay") Smith (nee Vajdova)
Scottish GPs call for more BMA resources
Smoking decline in England reversed
GMSC will discuss prescription fraud
Disappearing Willies
Why we chose a medical career
Letter to a daughter
Cancer's killing fields
New Themes in Palliative Care; Making Palliative Care Better
Intelligence, Heredity, and Environment