The third generation oral contraceptive controversy : The evidence shows they are less safe than second generation pills
Should cases of permanent vegetative state still go to court? : Britain should follow other countries and keep the courts for cases of dispute
Reconfiguring acute hospital services : No easy answers, but there are principles we should follow
Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus : A simple test may make it easier to study whether screening is worthwhile
Treatment options for chronic hepatitis : Antivirals look promising
Report suggests that NHS is unsustainable in present form
Professor accused of covering up mistakes in drug trial
In brief
UK GPs will be consulted on revalidation proposals
Royal College battles for more women surgeons
Study identifies why child heart operations go wrong
Israel wants to abolish private medicine in public hospitals
Report condemns NHS complaints procedure
Complaints mechanism fails older patients
WHO nominates new regional director for Europe
Direct to consumer drug advertising is billion dollar business in US
AIDS cuts life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa by a quarter
AMA sets up "union" for employed doctors
Calcium channel blockers affect cognitive function in older people
Disturbance of cerebral function in people exposed to drinking water contaminated with aluminium sulphate: retrospective study of the Camelford water incident
Using fasting plasma glucose concentrations to screen for gestational diabetes mellitus: prospective population based study
Association between breast feeding and asthma in 6 year old children: findings of a prospective birth cohort study
Admission for and mortality from primary venous thromboembolism in women of fertile age in Denmark, 1977-95
Association between alcohol consumption and mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in 25 year follow up of 49 618 young Swedish men
Helicobacter pylori and childhood recurrent abdominal pain: community based case-control study
Ethnic and sex differences in selection for admission to Nottingham University Medical School
Systematic review of near patient test evaluations in primary care
The Newcastle exercise project: a randomised controlled trial of methods to promote physical activity in primary care
Clinical evidence : Acute otitis media
ABC of complementary medicine : Users and practitioners of complementary medicine
Everywhere and nowhere-a Socratic dialogue on the new public health
The permanent vegetative state: practical guidance on diagnosis and management
Reasons to be thankful
The hospital of the future : International trends in the provision and utilisation of hospital care
Cancellation of debt must ensure maximum benefit to vulnerable
Developing countries cannot afford high fees for speakers
Antidepressants for old people : GPs should become familiar with one or two antidepressants from each class
Antidepressants for old people : Elderly people are particularly prone to develop side effects
Antidepressants for old people : Lack of evidence of efficacy is not evidence of lack of efficacy
Antidepressants for old people : Research on antidepressants in the elderly population is scarce
Antidepressants for old people : Research on antidepressants in the elderly population is scarce
Low molecular weight heparins could be important in cancer
Hypoalbuminaemia and transcapillary pressures have role in nephrotic syndrome
Mibefradil was not rushed to market in United States
General practitioners' experiences of patients' complaints : In-house mediation can help in reducing general practitioners' stress
General practitioners' experiences of patients' complaints : Mentoring should be more widespread
Prison officers can recognise hidden psychiatric morbidity in prisoners
Reducing risk of recurrent coronary heart disease in Cornwall
Is recruitment more difficult with a placebo arm in RCTs? : Methodological issues will have affected results
Is recruitment more difficult with a placebo arm in RCTs? : Methodological issues will have affected results
Differences in death rates in English hospitals : Effects of admission rates may have been understated
Differences in death rates in English hospitals : Data are inadequate basis for drawing conclusion of paper
Competing interests are relevant to lectures approved for PGEA
Policy must separate need for hospital beds from demand
New epidemiological research in Europe may be thwarted by short term funding
Clarence Walton Lillehei
John Andrew
John Aubrey Luther Bonnell
Kenyon Carnarvon Brown
Stuart Charles Kennedy
Harold Oliver Phillipson
Ephraim Frank Swift
Alfred Butler Taylor
Michael Richard Tomlinson
GPs should be balloted on primary care trusts
GMC delays guidelines on confidentiality
Health secretary refuses moratorium on bed closures
Health department sets up clinical governance team
BMA sets deadline for working time directive
Drug Treatment Systems in an International Perspective: Drugs, Demons, and Delinquents
Law Without Enforcement
Vital Signs
Women in surgery
Peer review: thinking the unthinkable
Pinot Noir powders