Coping with winter bed crises
Screening for familial intracranial aneurysms
Improving reperfusion after myocardial infarction
Netprints: the next phase in the evolution of biomedical publishing
Patients dialysed at for-profit centres do worse
United States issues guidelines on embryo cell research
COX 2 inhibitors can affect the stomach lining
Government orders inquiry into removal of children's organs
In brief
Medical errors kill almost 100000 Americans a year
Bristol manager dismissed warnings as “exaggerated”
NHS cancer patients denied supportive treatments
Scotland cracks down on antiabortion harassment
Canadian politicians propose expansion of private health care
US changes trade policy on essential medicines
Zinc supplementation prevents diarrhoea and pneumonia
Report finds persisting poverty and social exclusion
Irish government plans a “junior” consultant grade
Passive smoking more risky for women with a missing gene
Moderate alcohol intake and lower risk of coronary heart disease: meta-analysis of effects on lipids and haemostatic factors
Population based cost utility study of interferon beta-1b in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Hypericum extract versus imipramine or placebo in patients with moderate depression: randomised multicentre study of treatment for eight weeks
Commentary: Has hypericum found its place in antidepressant treatment?
Scarring in molluscum contagiosum: comparison of physical expression and phenol ablation
Accuracy of hepatic adverse drug reaction reporting in one English health region
Email submissions from outside the United Kingdom
Wise advice
On ageing: the optimist
Randomised controlled trial of effectiveness of Leicester hospital at home scheme compared with hospital care
Abandoning babies safely
Getting at the truth
Economic evaluation of hospital at home versus hospital care: cost minimisation analysis of data from randomised controlled trial
Functional magnetic resonance imaging in neuropsychiatry
Hyponatraemic seizures and excessive intake of hypotonic fluids in young children
A case of rupture of the heart
Complementary medicine and the doctor
William Harvey, hypothermia, and battle injuries
When can a risk factor be used as a worthwhile screening test?
Registering clinical trials
Health and human rights in contemporary humanitarian crises: is Kosovo more important than Sierra Leone?
Understanding of the world
Cancer survival in Britain
Cancer survival in Britain
Cancer survival in Britain
Cancer survival in Britain
Cancer survival in Britain
Article on bayesian methods was right
Evidence based palliative care
Evidence based palliative care
Spurious asystole with use of manual defibrillators
Spurious asystole with use of manual defibrillators
Relation of C pneumoniae antibodies to ischaemic heart disease
Relation of
Breast feeding and obesity
Breast feeding and obesity
Subspecialist psychiatrists are sometimes selective about whom they will treat
Effectiveness of glucocorticoids in treating croup
Effectiveness of glucocorticoids in treating croup
Effectiveness of glucocorticoids in treating croup
Effectiveness of glucocorticoids in treating croup
Overreaction to the Paddington rail disaster may not be beneficial in the long run
Doctors are still committing genocide
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Sports Medicine Handbook
In the Blood: Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Don't Be Ashamed
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Millennium pay
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