Paying for the NHS : First decide how much we are willing to pay, then think about how to collect it
Improving cancer outcomes through radiotherapy : Lack of UK radiotherapy resources prejudices cancer outcomes
The rise in bacterial resistance : Is partly because there have been no new classes of antibiotics since the 1960s
Why can't GPs follow guidelines on depression? : We must question the basis of the guidelines themselves
Private health care: modernisation stops here : The government has missed an opportunity to regulate—and integrate—the private sector properly
US health spending accelerated in 1998
Patients with cancer asked to sign waivers on dangers of delays
Pinochet's opponents call for medical evidence to be made public
Scientists make rats' torn nerves regenerate
In brief
Blair promises to raise spending on NHS to European average
Lord Winston attacks Labour's health policy
UK nurses and doctors receive pay boost
US company claims to have 90%of human genome on its database
EU law makes Netherlands reconsider its health system
AIDS activists in Thailand pressurise US government
US relaxes its guidelines on herbal supplements
Drug companies seek MS patients to lobby for new products
European Commission proposes a European food authority
Mental health experts should offer training to GPs, report says
Non-compliance often the cause when AIDS drugs “fail”
A systematic review of treatments for settling problems and night waking in young children
Bacteraemia and antibiotic resistance of its pathogens reported in England and Wales between 1990 and 1998: trend analysis
Disability is in the mind of the beholder
Response to diphtheria booster vaccination in healthy adults: vaccine trial
“I don't like Mondays”—day of the week of coronary heart disease deaths in Scotland: study of routinely collected data
Systemic granulomatous disease after intravesical BCG instillation
Risk assessment of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in primary care: cross sectional study evaluating a range of diagnostic tests
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an educational intervention for general practitioners in adolescent health care: randomised controlled trial
Commentary: Applying the BMJ 's guidelines on educational interventions
National enthusiasm and alcohol
Allergic disorders
Revalidation of doctors in Canada
The Icelandic database: do modern times need modern sagas?
Implementing screening for colorectal cancer
Dietary management of hepatic encephalopathy
Warming milk—a preventable cause of scalds in children
Clinical features and complications
Concerns about immunisation
Not thinking of things
Smoking: a hateful custom
Clinical trial safety committees: the devil's spoon
Using cost effectiveness information
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Vaccine is available in Latin America
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Prophylaxis is not necessary
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Recommendation will cause unease among healthcare staff
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Long term effects and costs are unclear
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Ceftriaxone may be helpful
Meningococcal disease in healthcare workers : Authors' reply
Guided self management of asthma : More information is needed on what patients think about such management
Guided self management of asthma : Author's reply
Why mortality from heart disease is low in France : Rates of coronary events are similar in France and southern Europe
Why mortality from heart disease is low in France : High cholesterol may not have same effect on cardiovascular risk in southern Europe as elsewhere
Why mortality from heart disease is low in France : Wine consumption clearly correlates with residual differences in mortality
Private finance initiative : Partnership between private and NHS is not necessarily wrong
Private finance initiative : The initiative puts strain on primary care groups in east London
Private finance initiative : Series did not address real planning issues
Medical advice columns give both good and bad counsel
Patient partnership is just one aspect of treating patients
Composite indicators may not be helpful in comparing health authorities
Maxwell Cranna
Andrew Walters Forbes
Geoffrey Frederick James Goddard
Daniel John Goldstein
Ginette Lesley Harrison
Michael Leibson
John David Lewis
Patrick Joseph O'Rourke
Kathleen Mary Spencer
Andrew Watt
John Leslie David Williams
GPs given advice on primary care trusts
More countries should be relieved of debt
Carers to have rights
BMA seeks clarification on Care Standards Bill
Auscultation Skills: Breath and Heart Sounds
What a Blessing She Had Chloroform
The flu news epidemic
Competing interests
Surfacing after burnout
Reviews : Minerva