Giving guidance on child discipline : Physical punishment works no better than other methods and has adverse effects
Keeping patients out of hospital : Patients like it
Psychosocial factors in selection for liver transplantation : Need to be explicitly assessed and managed
Information on community health services : More and better information is needed—not less
New formula for GP prescribing budgets : General practitioners in England need to understand its implications
Blair will have difficulty in matching European spending
Government seems to soften pledge on NHS
Scientists discover how helicobacter survives gastric acid
University sues scientist for £400000 for undeclared fees
In brief
Global alliance launches plan to eliminate lymphatic filariasis
Trust accused of racism in awarding payments
First UK patents for cloning issued to creators of Dolly the sheep
Screening trial for lung cancer planned for UK
NHS owes £2.8bn in negligence cases
College urges maximum of two embryos for in vitro fertilisation
South African minister accused of human rights abuse
Health at the hustings
Risk of cardiovascular disease measured by carotid intima-media thickness at age 49-51: lifecourse study
First myocardial infarction in patients of Indian subcontinent and European origin: comparison of risk factors, management, and long term outcome
Patient satisfaction with outpatient hysteroscopy versus day case hysteroscopy: randomised controlled trial
Prenatal ultrasound examinations and risk of childhood leukaemia: case-control study
Lichenoid drug eruption with proton pump inhibitors
Derivation of a needs based capitation formula for allocating prescribing budgets to health authorities and primary care groups in England: regression analysis
Commentary: The emphasis on transparency weakens the formula
Analysis of the ability of the new needs adjustment formula to improve the setting of weighted capitation prescribing budgets in English general practice
Is norethisterone a lifestyle drug? Results of database analysis
Chronic fatigue syndrome
ABC of complementary medicine: Unconventional approaches to nutritional medicine
National electronic Library for Health (NeLH)
Exploring a fiscal food policy: the case of diet and ischaemic heart disease
Commentary: Alternative nutrition outcomes using a fiscal food policy
The home treatment enigma
Home treatment—enigmas and fantasies
How we improved our treatment of hypertension
Debate on cot death : These deaths must be prevented without victimising parents
Debate on cot death : Standard system for postmortem examination and certification needs to be agreed
Debate on cot death : In 1994, 29% of suspicious deaths were officially recorded as due to sudden infant death syndrome
Childhood vulval lichen sclerosus and sexual abuse are not mutually exclusive diagnoses
Antidepressant drugs have previously been shown to be ineffective in mild depression
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection in non-ulcer dyspepsia : Commentary did not inform or update general medical community
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection in non-ulcer dyspepsia : Author's reply
Stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : Incomplete evidence based reviews may condemn by omission
Stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : Published correction for one of studies must be borne in mind
Stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : Author's reply
Young people should be included as partners
Moving the research agenda : Primary care research needs extending, not moving
Moving the research agenda : Academic GPs can get research ideas from their experiences in practice
Moving the research agenda : RCGP is encouraging improvements in primary care research
Patient surveys identify needs
Patients need more than written prompts for communication to be successful
Risk assessment is open to public interpretation
Medical ethicists do not conform to stereotypes in ER
Quality at general practice consultations : Time may not lead to quality
Quality at general practice consultations : Authors' reply
Is germ cell harvest and storage justified in minors treated for cancer?
Josephine Barnes
Alan Humphrey Barker
Victor Meir Dellal
Hock Hoo Ee
John Rushworth Holden
Charles Cotton Kennedy
George Krasner
George Kenneth Laxton
James Brian Bonella Riddell
Michael Edward Snell
Nualla Briggs (née Sommerville)
Review body report 2000
BMA launches Millennium Festival of Medicine
MP wants to tighten law on euthanasia
Surgical Ethics
The Unequal Burden of Cancer
Fundamentals of Anaesthesia
Have a Heart
Reducing multiple births
So who's teaching whom?
Looking for the man who fell off the roof
Reviews : Minerva