Treating young patients with breast cancer : The evidence suggests that all should be treated with adjuvant therapy
Is CS gas dangerous? : Current evidence suggests not but unanswered questions remain
Cholesterol and strokes : Cholesterol lowering is indicated for strokes due to carotid atheroma
Innovation to prevent dependency in old age : Technological innovations may reduce the cost burden of an ageing population
Beds in the NHS : The National Bed Inquiry exposes contradictions in government policy
Government inquiry finds inadequate beds provision
Police question medical MP over “euthanasia”
Clinic sued for unauthorised use of sperm
In brief
Senators introduce bill to improve patient safety
Doctor's book shames French prisons
GMC speeds up disciplinary action against doctors
GMC reprimands doctor for denigrating rival's service
Bristol inquiry hears closing submissions
Heart disease rising in central and eastern Europe
Clinton outlaws genetic discrimination in federal jobs
Nestlé accused of breaking international code
Additives may be displayed on cigarette packs
Extent and determinants of error in doctors' prognoses in terminally ill patients: prospective cohort study
Commentary: Why do doctors overestimate?
Commentary: Prognoses should be based on proved indices not intuition
The scars of the Jewish holocaust
Factors influencing the effect of age on prognosis in breast cancer: population based study
Commentary: much still to learn about relations between tumour biology, prognosis, and treatment outcome in early breast cancer
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome as a risk factor for hypertension: population study
Notice of inadvertent duplicate publication
Effectiveness of modified release isosorbide mononitrate affected by incorrect use
Clopidogrel associated with acute arthritis
Misunderstandings in prescribing decisions in general practice: qualitative study
Mortality variations as a measure of general practitioner performance: implications of the Shipman case
Before birth
Tropical medicine
Hyponatraemic seizures and excessive intake of hypotonic fluids in young children
St Columba's case book
Management: digoxin and other inotropes, β blockers, and antiarrhythmic and antithrombotic treatment
Internal and external morality of medicine: lessons from New Zealand
Expressing the magnitude of adverse effects in case-control studies: “the number of patients needed to be treated for one additional patient to be harmed”
“Where name and image meet”—the argument for “adrenaline”
The Royal Academy Exhibition
Doctors write on patients' eye view of quality : Do patients want first class or economy services?
Doctors write on patients' eye view of quality : Demand is too great for GPs to provide patients with longer appointments
Doctors write on patients' eye view of quality : Patients must “get real”
Doctors write on patients' eye view of quality : Longer consultation time that patients wish for is not available in NHS
Doctors write on patients' eye view of quality : Summary of rapid responses
Effectiveness of rivastigmine in Alzheimer's disease : Participation in trials should be based on clinical uncertainty, not enforcement
Effectiveness of rivastigmine in Alzheimer's disease : Authors' reply
Accuracy of perceptions of hepatitis B and C status : Injecting drug users need vaccination against hepatitis B
Accuracy of perceptions of hepatitis B and C status : Results require further clarification
Accuracy of perceptions of hepatitis B and C status : Value of screening for hepatitis C is still debatable
Accuracy of perceptions of hepatitis B and C status : Authors' reply
Acupuncture may be associated with serious adverse events
Healthcare providers in New Zealand and England could learn from each other
Bible's stance on homosexuality : Bible shows no understanding of homosexual orientation as mutually supportive and affirming
Bible's stance on homosexuality : Summary of rapid responses
Evidence produced in evidence based medicine needs to be relevant
Fatigue and psychological distress : Statistics are improbable
Fatigue and psychological distress : Authors' reply
Evaluation of effect of changes is essential in policymaking
Getting HIV/AIDS accepted on the political agenda
Arnold Steadman Aldis
William Thomson Fullerton
Thomas Cecil De Courcy Hallinen
Lionel Brent Harris
Ahmad Nejad Kazem
Donald John Manton
Henri Rey
Charles John Pratt Seccombe
Clifford Edward Stuart
Selwyn Francis Taylor
NHS funding confused by lack of clarity
Guidance issued on discretionary points
Deaf patients do not get such good treatment
Patients with hip fracture need better care
The Magic Bullet and Other Medical Stories
Assuming the Risk: The Mavericks, the Lawyers, and the Whistleblowers Who Beat Big Tobacco
ADAM Interactive Anatomy
The Anatomy Project
The stigma of schizophrenia
Tropical medicine
Why a massive tumour went undetected
Lord, protect me from my friends
Reviews : Minerva