Guidelines on preventing cardiovascular disease in clinical practice
Promoting the health of looked after children
Good practice in sterilisation
Asthma drug delivery devices for children
Heart disease framework aims to cut deaths in England
Doctors fail to follow advice in giving tPA
Cannabinoids might reduce spasticity in multiple sclerosis
In brief
Australian government attacked for tobacco funding
UN condemns Australian plans for “safe injecting rooms”
US launches new clinical trials database
Patients must disclose infectious diseases, Israeli doctors say
India eradicates guinea worm disease
Malaria epidemic expected in Mozambique
Surgeon in kidney inquiry himself faces surgery suit
Scientists find a new way around blood clotting disorders
Romanian national insurance cannot cover GPs' prescriptions
Coronary and cardiovascular risk estimation for primary prevention: validation of a new Sheffield table in the 1995 Scottish health survey population
Using the Framingham model to predict heart disease in the United Kingdom: retrospective study
Should treatment recommendations for lipid lowering drugs be based on absolute coronary risk or risk reduction?
Allergy associated with ciprofloxacin
Using thresholds based on risk of cardiovascular disease to target treatment for hypertension: modelling events averted and number treated
Evaluation of computer based clinical decision support system and risk chart for management of hypertension in primary care: randomised controlled trial
Risk assessment in primary prevention of coronary heart disease: randomised comparison of three scoring methods
Discovery of a Temple of Æsculapius
Mother's milk
Acute ischaemic stroke
Unnecessary surgical treatment of fungal kerions in children
Non-invasive methods of arterial and venous assessment
Estimating cardiovascular risk for primary prevention: outstanding questions for primary care
Joint British recommendations on prevention of coronary heart disease in clinical practice: summary
A very peculiar dream
Updated New Zealand cardiovascular disease risk-benefit prediction guide
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Managing self poisoning
Health minister clarifies Care Standards Bill
Differentiating between audit and research
Differentiating between audit and research
Authors take issue with commentary on their paper
Mortality prediction model is preferable to APACHE
Development and evaluation committees' methods for appraising new drugs
Development and evaluation committees' methods for appraising new drugs
Osteoporosis and coeliac disease
Osteoporosis and coeliac disease
Hospital of the future
Hospital of the future
Seasonality of birth in children with diabetes
Seasonality of birth in children with diabetes
Rationing certainly exists in treatment for cancer
Distress symptoms may be easy to miss
Centralisation of cancer services in rural areas has disadvantages
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Frederick Brian Barclay Weston
BMA wants open debate on regulation of doctors
Health secretary wants to change NHS workforce planning
PM replies on funding promise
The Nazi War on Cancer
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Some talk of genocide
Risk of cardiovascular disease
“Absolute” is inappropriate for quantitative risk estimation
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