Safe health care: are we up to it? : We have to be
Medical error: the second victim : The doctor who makes the mistake needs help too
Accreditation's role in reducing medical errors : Accreditors can provide some leadership, but they can't do it on their own
Why error reporting systems should be voluntary : They provide better information for reducing errors
Let's talk about error : Leaders should take responsibility for mistakes
MPs call for safeguards for people with personality disorder
Force feeding of Ian Brady declared lawful
Type 2 diabetes is a major drain on resources
Imitating Mickey Mouse can be dangerous
In brief
New standards set for abortion care
Another option for Down's syndrome screening available
Charity calls for help for people of Aral Sea area
Doctors develop new treatment for cystic fibrosis
UK juniors to debate pay offer
Rate of HIV transmission among Africans in UK “underestimated”
Adding fatty acids to baby milk improves development
US drug companies announce vaccine initiative
Transplanted pancreatic stem cells can reverse diabetes in mice
Reducing errors made by emergency physicians in interpreting radiographs: longitudinal study
Incidence and types of preventable adverse events in elderly patients: population based review of medical records
Error, stress, and teamwork in medicine and aviation: cross sectional surveys
Implementation of rules based computerised bedside prescribing and administration: intervention study
The war in South Africa: “Comforts” and luxuries
When I use a word . . . nice?
Not time to put cot death to bed
Recent advances in intensive care
Effects of preventive home visits to elderly people living in the community: systematic review
Reporting and preventing medical mishaps: lessons from non-medical near miss reporting systems
Acute limb ischaemia
Human error: models and management
System changes to improve patient safety
Epidemiology of medical error
How to investigate and analyse clinical incidents: Clinical Risk Unit and Association of Litigation and Risk Management protocol
On error management: lessons from aviation
Anaesthesiology as a model for patient safety in health care
Using information technology to reduce rates of medication errors in hospitals
Gaps in the continuity of care and progress on patient safety
Detecting and reporting medical errors: why the dilemma?
Realising why
A cerebral massage?
PFI rides again : Scepticism remains at the grassroots
PFI rides again : The future does not bode well
PFI rides again : Scheme was the lesser of two evils
PFI rides again : Whatever happened to the NHS's response to the BMJ 's articles?
PFI rides again : We're still waiting
Choosing between home and hospital delivery : Home birth in Britain can be safe
Choosing between home and hospital delivery : There is no evidence that hospital is the safest place to give birth
Choosing between home and hospital delivery : Risk of home birth in Britain cannot be compared with data from other countries
Choosing between home and hospital delivery : Author's reply
Helicobacter pylori and myocardial infection : Excluding group with potentially higher rates of infection with H pylori could bias estimated odds ratio
Helicobacter pylori and myocardial infection : Exclusion criteria were inappropriate
Helicobacter pylori and myocardial infection : Authors' reply
Treatment of schizophrenia : Value of diagnosis of schizophrenia remains in dispute
Treatment of schizophrenia : What in fact is schizophrenia?
Treatment of schizophrenia : Review should have paid more attention to psychosocial interventions
Treatment of schizophrenia : Review was based on fashion, not evidence
Treatment of schizophrenia : Authors' reply
Preventing pressure sores : Good nursing care should prevent pressure sores
Preventing pressure sores : More research is needed into the origins of pressure sores
Preventing pressure sores : Authors' reply
World Trade Organisation agreements should be subject to health impact assessment
Britain is ahead of US in dealing with misconduct
Chinese hypnosis can cause qigong induced mental disorders
Dental recalls are useful for detecting oral cancer
Carbon monoxide poisoning : Carboxyhaemoglobin can be measured with standard blood tests
Carbon monoxide poisoning : Doctors should inform Employment Medical Advisory Service
More reluctance in accepting evidence on smoking and cancer
Student publications : Students in Birmingham have published projects for more than 10 years
Student publications : Students' letters in all journals need to be included
Student publications : Students should seek to publish not just in medical journals
Meningitis C immunisation is low among young people who are not in education
George Stirk Adams
William Ernest Beer
Ardeshir Kavasji Boman-Behram
Winston Gothard
Mary Hellier
Eric Edward Jones
Dermot Henry Graham MacQuaide
Robert Leslie Oakes
Neil Justin O'Doherty
William Dumbreck Roden
Jagdish Chand Taneja
James Stretton Young
Health secretary wants to expand NHS services
Hospital league tables are misleading
Minister orders review of GP's out of hours services
BMA responds to CMO's proposals
Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor get away with Murder
Growing up in Britain: Ensuring a Healthy Future for Our Children
The Arts in Healthcare: Learning from Experience
Epilepsy: A Comprehensive Textbook on CD-ROM
Sultans of spin
Error in medicine
Looking back . . .
Plane speaking
Crisis in the air
Reviews : Minerva