Smoking and the brain : No good evidence exists that smoking protects against dementia
Assessing the risk of violence in patients : Risks can be assessed, but the results still pose ethical and political dilemmas
Fighting biological warfare : The convention against biological weapons badly needs a verification protocol
General practitioners and cancer : Primary care oncology needs more research if it is to develop
Periodic fevers enter the era of molecular diagnosis : And they are throwing some light on inflammatory mechanisms
Clinton fires latest salvo in Medicare drug benefit war
College recommends new post of healthcare practitioner
Dutch tighten their rules on advertising of alcohol
In brief
FDA committee recommends approval for Viagra rival
Rich countries accused of breaking promises on debt
AIDS patients in South Africa to get free drug
BMA launches review on UK healthcare spending
UK juniors advised to accept new pay offer
Smoking and dementia in male British doctors: prospective study
Educational differences in smoking: international comparison
Evaluating “payback” on biomedical research from papers cited in clinical guidelines: applied bibliometric study
Looking first
Assessment of aggression in psychiatric admissions: semistructured interview and case note survey
Worsening of symptoms of multiple sclerosis associated with carbamazepine
Immune complex haemolytic anaemia associated with sulfasalazine
Decision making, evidence, audit, and education: case study of antibiotic prescribing in general practice
Commentary: What can we learn from narratives of implementing evidence?
A Texan prayer
Ulcerative colitis
Renal artery stenosis
Use and interpretation of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: recommendations of the British Hypertension Society
What is the optimal age for starting lipid lowering treatment? A mathematical model
Damages claimed for antenatal injuries
Is infestation with the common bedbug increasing?
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Valid measure of antidepressant efficacy in primary care is needed
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Naturalistic studies are needed
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Use of placebo in depression trial was unethical
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Active substances must be identified
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : The herbalist will see you now
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Safety in overdose needs to be established
Use of hypericum as antidepressant : Authors' reply
Article about Canadian guidelines on proton pump inhibitors was misleading
Doctors and theologians : There is abundance in religion but scarcity in the NHS
Doctors and theologians : Doctors may stop believing in the NHS
Caring for marginalised people : Appropriate external intervention is needed
Caring for marginalised people : All doctors should be taught and tested
Caring for marginalised people : Leadership and strategy are needed to support those who provide care
Doctors and complementary medicine : “Deep model” that is probably true should be used
Doctors and complementary medicine : Are medical dinosaurs heading for extinction?
Doctors and complementary medicine : Author's reply
Surgeons should have to demonstrate competence as pilots do
Deaths attributed to haemochromatosis are rare in Britain
Differences in suicide rates may be even more pronounced
Scottish group is developing guideline for managing pregnant women with epilepsy
Waiting time for cardiac surgery in Scotland is relatively short
More work is needed to explain why patients ask for amputation of healthy limbs
Openness is fine but deferred responsibility is not
Could the GMC institute an appeal procedure?
Unlike GMC, GP did not follow line of political correctness
Drivers who take insulin must tell Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Care of the newborn in the delivery room
How much to do at the accident scene?
Robert Cox
Zeta Marion Ursula Eastes
Henry Colin Geldard
Grace Edith Harland (née Mellows)
John Charles Harland
John Howard Inskip
Griselda Jenner (née Seggie)
Jacqueline Vyvienne Keighley (née Burch)
Mary Lennox
Ronald Blackwood Pridie
Creasy Selabhaya Ratnatunga
Inequalities in Health: The Evidence
The Widening Gap: Health Inequalities and Policy in Britain
Death, Hope and Sex
Why I am not a Christian
Stronger campaign needed to end female genital mutilation
The new kids
Reviews : Minerva