Adjuvant irradiation for breast cancer : Modern radiotherapy techniques should reduce cardiovascular mortality
Stalking: why do people do it? : The behaviour is newsworthy but complex
HIV risk behaviour in gay men: on the rise? : Monitoring risk behaviour and incidence of infection is essential
New approaches to conversion hysteria : Functional imaging may improve understanding and reduce morbidity
Revalidation for doctors in the United Kingdom: the end or the beginning? : The process should celebrate what we do well while showing that we are accountable
Clinton seeks heavy fines for breaching research ethics
Unusable medicines “dumped” on Venezuela
Asylum seekers in UK receive poor health care
Coffee may lower risk of Parkinson's disease
In brief
Mouth to mouth ventilation does not improve CPR
Prisoners in England and Wales are at risk of bloodborne viruses
Junior doctors accept new pay deal
Romanian junior doctors left without salaries
Irish juniors defer their strike
BMA demands more responsible media attitude on body image
SLE is caused by cell debris
Geographical mobility is predictor of demand on psychiatric services
High insulin levels linked to deaths from breast cancer
Human T cell leukaemia/lymphoma virus infection in pregnant women in the United Kingdom: population study
Relation between troponin T concentration and mortality in patients presenting with an acute stroke: observational study
Single blind, randomised trial of efficacy and acceptability of oral Picolax versus self administered phosphate enema in bowel preparation for flexible sigmoidoscopy screening
Commentary: participants should have been told they were being randomised
Commentary: opportunity for patient partnership was lost
Increase in high risk sexual behaviour among homosexual men, London 1996-8: cross sectional, questionnaire study
Retrospective case note review of acute and inpatient stroke outcomes
Preventing dog bites in children: randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention
A wise physician
Me, the heartsink patient
Asthma after childhood pneumonia: six year follow up study
We are interdependent
Systematic review of studies of patient satisfaction with telemedicine
Guidelines for managing acute bacterial meningitis
Management of lateral neck masses in adults
Persistent diarrhoea and occult vipomas in children
What is humanity?
Swollen lower limb—2: Lymphoedema
ABC of arterial and venous disease: acute stroke
An old friend
Using conjoint analysis to elicit preferences for health care
Challenges to the health services: the professions
Authors' reply to Camelford letters
Drug use has declined among teenagers in United Kingdom
Unconventional approaches to nutritional medicine : Conventional doctors need more insight into nutritional medicine . . .
Unconventional approaches to nutritional medicine : . . . and can now get training in it
Unconventional approaches to nutritional medicine : Summary of rapid responses
Child discipline : Weak evidence for a smacking ban
Child discipline : Parents need techniques for behavioural control
Child discipline : Occasional smacking does no harm
Child discipline : Parents must be in charge of their children
Child discipline : Author's reply
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection : Development of resistance to antibiotics used must be avoided
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection : Quadruple treatment may be solution
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection : Triple regimen based on ranitidine bismuth citrate could be solution
Stool immunoassay for Helicobacter pylori is not specific enough
Health effects of landfill sites : Whether results are assertions or evidence is unclear
Health effects of landfill sites : Analyses require high quality data
Haemoglobinopathy screening can be carried out in general practice
Working in other countries : Work opportunities in developing countries broaden the mind
Working in other countries : People may make choices at odds with their cultural norms
Dashper James Arkle
Robert Gilbert
Ellen (“Mischa”) O'Sullivan (née Walsh)
Amar Singh Rayan
David Ward Shedden
Breast Cancer: Sharing the Decision
Resuscitation Rules
Peer Review in Health Sciences
Defining Features
The sum of my parts
Gay sex
One person's innovation is another's experiment
Railway signals passed at danger: psychology matters
Choosing socks
Reviews : Minerva