The risks of having children in later life : Social advantage may make up for biological disadvantage
The epidemiology of stomach cancer: correlating the past with the present : Socioeconomic influences in early life can influence mortality in adult life
How the NHS can improve safety and learning : By learning free lessons from near misses
Isolated systolic hypertension: a radical rethink : It's a risk factor that needs treatment, especially in the over 50s
Giving medicine a fair trial : Trials should not second guess what patients want
France heads WHO's league table of health systems
US Supreme Court bars federal lawsuits against HMOs
NICE approves taxanes for breast cancer
In brief
English NHS to set up new reporting system for errors
Doctors need more training in delivering breech babies
Ombudsman slams deputising service
Gangrene bug “killed 35 heroin users”
US cancer institute funds trial of complementary therapy
Legality of European ban on tobacco advertising questioned
European Court of Justice likely to annul ban
MPs want a tobacco regulatory authority
Health and social services “locked in a vicious circle”
Access to investigations is needed 7 days a week
GPs want self regulation to continue
Management guidelines for women with normal colposcopy after low grade cervical abnormalities: population study
Effects of treatment for intestinal helminth infection on growth and cognitive performance in children: systematic review of randomised trials
New insights into mental illness
Prospective audit of incidence of prognostically important myocardial damage in patients discharged from emergency department
Commentary: Time for improved diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute chest pain
Infant mortality, stomach cancer, stroke, and coronary heart disease: ecological analysis
Role of C282Y mutation in haemochromatosis gene in development of type 2 diabetes in healthy men: prospective cohort study
Amusing the patient
“You heard all wrong”
Maternal age and fetal loss: population based register linkage study
To whom it concerns
Consumer health informatics
Dental damage, sequelae, and prevention
Seeing what you want to see in randomised controlled trials: versions and perversions of UKPDS data
Practical partnerships for health and local authorities
Benefits of a cooperative
Reforms to the health sector must retain vertical programmes like those for tuberculosis
Misconceptions about tuberculosis among immigrants to the United States
GMC's advice in Serious Communicable Diseases : Is consent to testing necessary for tuberculosis in same way as for HIV infection?
GMC's advice in Serious Communicable Diseases : GMC's reply
Tracker trials : Introduction of resistance testing might be an inappropriate use of resources
Tracker trials : Continuous process of trial and review is needed
Are generalists still needed in a specialised world? : Role of accident and emergency doctors should be expanded
Are generalists still needed in a specialised world? : General practice enables doctors to maintain general medical skills
Are generalists still needed in a specialised world? : Additional issues need to be addressed
Are generalists still needed in a specialised world? : Needs of patients should be considered
Qualitative research in health care : Good communication is essential part of educational process
Qualitative research in health care : Antirealism is an excuse for sloppy work
Open access follow up for inflammatory bowel disease : Would have been better to use t test than Mann-Whitney U test
Open access follow up for inflammatory bowel disease : Ability of any method of follow up to detect cancer must be stated
Open access follow up for inflammatory bowel disease : Authors' reply
Burns after photodynamic therapy : Drug point gives misleading impression of incidence of burns with temoporfin (Foscan)
Burns after photodynamic therapy : Authors' reply (Hettiaratchy and Clarke)
Burns after photodynamic therapy : Authors' reply (Täubel and Besa)
Burns after photodynamic therapy : Editor's reply
Peter John Andrew
Basil Ivor Eames
Duncan Macaulay
Edmund Robinson
Robert George Troup
David Weiner
Local medical committee conference
Shipman was a criminal and not a poorly performing doctor
The conference . . .
Medical academic staffs conference
Agreement reached on influenza vaccination
BMA wins victory over pensions challenge
The BMJ, spin, and the stockmarket
A register of blunders or botchers?
Older parents
Devaluing clinical skills
Cunegonde's ears, or multiple medical errors
Reviews : Minerva