Obstetric interventions among private and public patients : High rates of operative vaginal interventions in private patients need analysis
Quinolone ear drops for chronic otitis media : They are safer and more effective than aminoglycosides
Sources of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnancy : Until rates of congenital toxoplasmosis fall, control measures are essential
Corticosteroids in head injury : It's time for a large simple randomised trial
Sector-wide approaches in developing countries : The aid given must make the most impact
Judge attacks South African government's response to AIDS
“War of liberation” needed to fight AIDS
Unicef accused of forming alliance with baby food industry
Doctor may be extradited to face criminal charges
In brief
MPs say NHS consultants should not do private work
No evidence of racism in GMC complaints procedures
India introduces regulations for making traditional medicines
In vitro fertilisation is preferable to fertility drugs
Germany reorganises its transplant services
Patient has coronary artery bypass surgery while awake
CSM attacked over delay in reducing secrecy
The man from down under takes over
Rates for obstetric intervention among private and public patients in Australia: population based descriptive study
Sources of toxoplasma infection in pregnant women: European multicentre case-control study
Commentary: Congenital toxoplasmosis—further thought for food
Extent of underdiagnosis of familial hypercholesterolaemia in routine practice: prospective registry study
Risk among gastroenterologists of acquiring Helicobacter pylori infection: case-control study
Elixir of life
Still a chance
Impact of NHS Direct on demand for immediate care: observational study
Malaria: prevention in travellers
Unrecognised accidental overdose with diltiazem
Drug treatment in heart failure
Email submissions from outside the United Kingdom
Mouth ulcers and other causes of orofacial soreness and pain
The internet and a “small miracle”
Deaths among humanitarian workers
The health costs of war: can they be measured? Lessons from El Salvador
Words unsaid
Is it time for a new definition of general practice? : General practitioners' main interest is people
Is it time for a new definition of general practice? : General practitioners specialise in their patients
Is it time for a new definition of general practice? : Applying science of collectives to individual people results in paradox
Risk in cardiovascular disease : Merit of using risk reduction rather than absolute risk for lipid lowering drugs
Risk in cardiovascular disease : Joint British societies recommend their computer program for risk calculations
Risk in cardiovascular disease : Absolute cardiovascular risk is not most appropriate measure to use
Risk in cardiovascular disease : Having so many different guidelines about reducing risk is confusing
Risk in cardiovascular disease : Subclinical hypothyroidism is risk factor for coronary heart disease
Comparison of methods of estimating coronary risk : Authors did not use latest version of Sheffield table
Comparison of methods of estimating coronary risk : Authors' reply
Preventing neural tube defects : Analysis is less than thorough
Preventing neural tube defects : Government needs to take action
Preventing neural tube defects : Author's reply
Psychiatric home treatment : Vigorous, well designed trials are needed
Psychiatric home treatment : Home treatment works
Psychiatric home treatment : Treatment at home is nationwide and successful
Special clinics are inappropriate for treating depression
Data on effect of HRT on breast cancer conflict with other data
Lack of new drugs for tropical disease should not be accepted
The debate over complementary medicine continues
James Robert Ascott
Joze Jancar
Mendel Rafael (“Max”) Polliack
Pamela Powell
Frederick William Richards
Parliament approves changes to GMC
Flexible consultant contract delivers more work
EU parliament votes to increase GP training
50 Years of Ideas in Health Care Buildings
Respiratory Support in Intensive Care
28 Days
Magda Segal: Picturing women's health
On earth as it is in hell
Learning the hard way
Quaint or what?
Reviews : Minerva