Adolescent mental health and risky sexual behaviour : Young people need health care that covers psychological, sexual, and social areas
Thiazolidinediones for type 2 diabetes : New agents reduce insulin resistance but need long term clinical trials
Training overseas doctors in the United Kingdom : They must be given accurate information about their job prospects
Molecular stool screening for colorectal cancer : Using DNA markers may be beneficial, but large scale evaluation is needed
Which clinical studies provide the best evidence? : The best RCT still trumps the best observational study
MPs call for far reaching reforms to mental health services
Executives fly the
Gynaecologist struck off the medical register
Women doctors earn $63000 less than male counterparts
In brief
UK licence for cisapride suspended
Cancer drug may cause heart failure
Relatives of Shipman victims win first round in fight for open inquiry
$1bn drug deal creates debt for “tomorrow's AIDS orphans”
Better screening needed for sickle cell and thalassaemia
Lumpectomy as good as mastectomy for tumours up to 5 cm
Irish blood service sues its former medical consultant
US judge approves distribution of marijuana
Concern mounts over female genital mutilation
Psychiatric disorders and risky sexual behaviour in young adulthood: cross sectional study in birth cohort
Prospective investigation of transfusion transmitted infection in recipients of over 20 000 units of blood
ABC of arterial and venous disease: swollen lower limb (part 1—general assessment and deep vein thrombosis)
Measuring performance in the NHS: what really matters?
Efficacy and harm of pharmacological prevention of acute mountain sickness: quantitative systematic review
To coin a phrase
Association of polymorphism of human α oestrogen receptor gene with coronary artery disease in men: a necropsy study
Early neonatal mortality, asphyxia related deaths, and timing of low risk births in Hesse, Germany, 1990-8: observational study
Atrial fibrillation associated with sumatriptan
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses on treatment of asthma: critical evaluation
A prescription for improvement? An observational study to identify how general practices vary in their growth in prescribing costs
Commentary: Beware regression to the mean
Plague in Glasgow
Medical ethics
Great Aunt Rose
Scientists should die at 60
Horse allergy in children
Improving occlusion and orofacial aesthetics: orthodontics
Greek and Latin Useless for Doctors
Outcomes studies of drug induced ulcer complications: do we need them and how should they be done?
Peace building through health initiatives
The quality of systematic reviews : Review is biased
The quality of systematic reviews : High quality reporting of both randomised trials and systematic reviews should be priority
The quality of systematic reviews : Criticism is unjustified
The quality of systematic reviews : Cochrane Collaboration should ensure equitable participation in management and policy
The quality of systematic reviews : Authors' reply
Paramedics should delay giving aspirin to patients with stroke
Acute ischaemic stroke : Thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke works
Acute ischaemic stroke : Large trial of effect of reducing blood pressure in acute stroke is being set up
Patients in rheumatology clinics need reassurance
Clinical academic medicine : Academics should be rewarded appropriately
Clinical academic medicine : Research dominates thinking on medical schools' funding
Clinical academic medicine : Surgical trainees face particular problems
Clinical academic medicine : There are problems for general practice
Quick fixes for research assessment exercise will not work
Feedback is necessary in strategies to reduce hospital acquired infection
Police surgeons are important part of criminal justice system
Infant feeding and HIV study does not support Minerva's view
Mary Lois Cartledge (née Barrett)
John Caughey
Vernon Kenneth Hochuli
Robert Adrian Lloyd-Williams
John McRobert
Don't Tell the Patient: Behind the Drug Safety Net
Cancer: The Evolutionary Legacy
The Meat Business: Devouring a Hungry Planet
Accessing ethical information
What is the future for training overseas graduates?
Reviews : Minerva