Will intermediate care be the undoing of the NHS? : Here's another bit of covert privatisation
Controlling glucose and blood pressure in type 2 diabetes : Starting treatment earlier may reduce complications
Herbal medicines: where is the evidence? : Growing evidence of effectiveness is counterbalanced by inadequate regulation
The increasing use of peripheral bone densitometry : Better at assessing fracture risk than diagnosing osteoporosis
Cheating at medical school : Justice must be done and seen to be done
Israeli surgeons implant first permanent artificial ventricle
Cost effectiveness of multiple sclerosis drugs remains unknown
Gene therapy can reduce tumours
Folic acid researchers honoured
In brief
Health watchdog criticises NHS helpline
Sildenafil may help diabetic patients
Study questions ethics of covert medication
Canadian prisoners strike over smoking ban
Indian agency admits publishing “wrong” HIV figures
Spanish women to sue over breast implants
India struggles to meet polio deadline
Huntington's centre faces closure
Research finds high hepatitis B rate in Indian island tribes
Association of glycaemia with macrovascular and microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 35): prospective observational study
Association of systolic blood pressure with macrovascular and microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 36): prospective observational study
Influence of maternal age at delivery and birth order on risk of type 1 diabetes in childhood: prospective population based family study
Th1 and Th2 responses: what are they?
Cost effectiveness analysis of screening for sight threatening diabetic eye disease
Towards better treatment of glaucoma
Ectopic pregnancy
Prescribing indicators for UK general practice: Delphi consultation study
Eating a manchineel “beach apple”
A taxonomy of generic clinical questions: classification study
The Temperature of Underground Railway Tunnels
Stem cell transplantation
Treves's young patient
Improving occlusion and orofacial aesthetics: tooth repair and replacement
Declaration of Helsinki should be strengthened
Declaration of Helsinki should be strengthened : FOR
Declaration of Helsinki should be strengthened : AGAINST
Declaration of Helsinki should be strengthened : Rothman and Michels' riposte
Dangers of anaesthesia, 1884
NHS Direct : Doctors may gain time to use their true skills if people start using NHS Direct
NHS Direct : Clinicians must be able to provide feedback and evaluate advice given
NHS Direct : Cost effectiveness and effectiveness in terms of health outcome needs to be determined
Ramifications of Ledward case
Doctors' attitudes resemble those of the old aristocracy
Antibiotic prescribing in general practice : Practices should use the technology
Antibiotic prescribing in general practice : Authors' solution may not be economically sound
Antibiotic prescribing in general practice : Study raises several questions
Antibiotic prescribing in general practice : Author's reply
Family history is important in estimating coronary risk
Prevalence of obesity in asthmatic adults
Mentally ill people in prisons : Prison service policy on seclusion has changed
Mentally ill people in prisons : Little has changed
Care is required with cost effectiveness approach
Assessment of competence and performance at interview
Drug use and weapon carrying by young people : Study did not go far enough
Drug use and weapon carrying by young people : Authors should have phrased questions differently
Ectopic pregnancy with oral contraceptive use has been overlooked
Implementing honesty about screening using community informed consent
Drugs do not only relieve male menopause
Tinea capitis should be on the public health agenda
Perhaps it is not time to switch from whole cell to acellular pertussis vaccine
Combination treatment seems rarely to be used in psoriasis
Psychoactive drugs may have role in pressure sore origin
Underlying psychological distress must be addressed in chest pain
Is distribution of vacancies for hospital jobs a reflection of new NHS?
Use of polymorphism analysis requires ethical guidelines
Minnie Atkin
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George William Csonka
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Matrons, Medics and Maladies: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in the 1840s
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