How effective is screening for breast cancer? : Reductions in mortality should not be the only marker of success
Treating non-ulcer dyspepsia and H pylori : It is economically and clinically sensible but it won't make most patients better
Clinical ethics committees : They can change clinical practice but need evaluation
Saving lives during extreme weather in summer : Interventions from local health agencies and doctors can reduce mortality
Can islet cell transplantation treat diabetes? : Small studies show promise, now multicentre trials are going ahead
US hospitals to ask patients for right to sell their tissue
Doctrine of necessity could allow separation of twins
Offspring from artificial insemination demand fathers' details
BMA secretary to be Scottish CMO
In brief
Scooters cause 9500 injuries in US in 8 months
Cannabis use falls among Dutch youth
Move to ban private practice may be illegal
Drug company pays for campaign for chicken pox vaccination
Sri Lanka accuses drug company of flouting advertising rules
US doctor may have killed 60
Private finance initiative condemned
EU institutions divided on therapeutic cloning
Relatives underestimate patients' desire for truth
Systematic review and economic evaluation of Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment for non-ulcer dyspepsia
Which postcoital contraceptive?
Effect of NHS breast screening programme on mortality from breast cancer in England and Wales, 1990-8: comparison of observed with predicted mortality
Birth characteristics of women who develop gestational diabetes: population based study
Heat related mortality in warm and cold regions of Europe: observational study
Accuracy of the advanced trauma life support guidelines for predicting systolic blood pressure using carotid, femoral, and radial pulses: observational study
Population based, prospective study of the care of women with epilepsy in pregnancy
Increase in high risk sexual behaviour among homosexual men, London 1996-8: cross sectional, questionnaire study
Role of mechanical and psychosocial factors in the onset of forearm pain: prospective population based study
Organisational development for clinical governance
Complementary medicine
Right sided aortic arch in children with persistent respiratory symptoms
Screening for breast cancer
Misery versus pleasure
Framework for design and evaluation of complex interventions to improve health
Cost effectiveness calculations and sample size
Doctors and nurses : Let's celebrate the difference between doctors and nurses
Doctors and nurses : Teamwork is not about everyone trying to do the same job
Doctors and nurses : Who will do nurses' current tasks?
Doctors and nurses : Why liberation is necessary
Doctors and nurses : Intelligence is not in the eye of the beholder
Doctors and nurses : Sex difference? Is there one?
Doctors and nurses : Medical profession is no longer patriarch of professions
Doctors and nurses : Length of consultation is important for patient satisfaction
Doctors and nurses : Data do not provide conclusions on nurse practitioners
Doctors and nurses : Author's reply to Brindle and Leman and Terris
Doctors and nurses : Doctors and nurses need to collaborate
Doctors and nurses : Doing it together with PAMs
Implications of CJD data need to be clear before release
Effect of on-site mental health professionals : Longer trials are needed
Effect of on-site mental health professionals : Authors' reply
Treating hyperhidrosis : Excision of axillary tissue may be more effective
Treating hyperhidrosis : Iontophoresis should be tried before other treatments
Treating hyperhidrosis : Anticholinergic drugs were not mentioned
Treating hyperhidrosis : Treatment options must be balanced against each other
Treating hyperhidrosis : Author's reply
Quality of randomised controlled trials in head injury : Statistical power can be increased
Quality of randomised controlled trials in head injury : More trials are needed
Transfusion transmitted infection : Did authors systematically underestimate risks of transfusion?
Transfusion transmitted infection : Authors' reply
National service framework's financial implications are huge
Advance directives : Three questions should be asked
Advance directives : Maybe national guidelines are needed
Advance directives : Legal issues need clarification
Advance directives : Advance directives are not legally binding
Advance directives : Good education prepares people for death
Role of spironolactone in heart failure should be emphasised
Patient of gynaecologist who was struck off has been denied justice
UK and German media differ over complementary medicine
David Harry Smith
Francis John Hallinan
Richard Haskell
Alfred Gordon Henderson
Mark Mehta
John Sarkies
Isabel Gertrude Smith
Maureen Anne Tudor (Mrs Dulake)
David Wolfson
Kenneth William Woolhead
Nurse Betty
Death in England: An Illustrated History
The Medical Millennium: 1000 Pioneers Who Have Contributed to the Development of Medicine Over the Last 1000 Years
Dates in Medicine. A chronological record of medical progress over three millennia
Evaluating complex interventions
Dutch doctors supported by media
Hospital games