A new beginning for care for elderly people? : Not if the psychopathology of this national service framework gets in the way
Fatigue: time to recognise and deal with an old problem : It's time to stop treating lack of sleep as a badge of honour
Home delivery: chemotherapy and pizza? : Evidence on safety and acceptability of home chemotherapy is growing
Obtaining consent for examination and treatment : New government guide covers most of the bases
The anaemia of chronic disease : Remains hard to distinguish from iron deficiency anaemia in some cases
Scientists attack Bush over U turn on climate change treaty
New centre to investigate global health threats
In brief
Spanish sex workers forced to carry health check cards
β Blocker response may have gene link
Down's children received “less favourable” hospital treatment
Health select committee criticises public health directors
Israel to allow women to donate their eggs
Two more medical schools to open
Hong Kong wants adults to save for their health care in old age
Locums in Wales are poorly managed, says Audit Commission
World Psychiatric Association asked to act over Chinese dissidents
US considers medical role for marijuana
US judges rule in favour of abortion “hit list”
New stroke drug in trials
Longitudinal cohort study of childhood IQ and survival up to age 76
The UK accelerated immunisation programme and sudden unexpected death in infancy: case-control study
The doctor's carriage and his coachman
Compliance, satisfaction, and quality of life of patients with colorectal cancer receiving home chemotherapy or outpatient treatment: a randomised controlled trial
Wise advice
Fatigue, alcohol, and serious road crashes in France: factorial study of national data
Relation between socioeconomic status and tumour stage in patients with breast, colorectal, ovarian, and lung cancer: results from four national, population based studies
Oh yes
Sex inequalities in ischaemic heart disease in general practice: cross sectional survey
Faint praise
Randomised trial of personalised computer based information for patients with schizophrenia
The medical profession as an example
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
The evidence and Audrey
Transplantation of the liver and pancreas
Potential impact of the Human Rights Act on psychiatric practice: the best of British values?
External assessment of health care
Evidence based bloodletting
Falls in late life and their consequences—implementing effective services
Using patient identifiable data without consent : Obtaining individual consent may hinder studies
Using patient identifiable data without consent : Argument for consent may invalidate research and stigmatise some patients
Using patient identifiable data without consent : Integrity of communicable disease surveillance is important patient care
Using patient identifiable data without consent : Authors' reply
Postherpetic neuralgia : Findings differ from earlier results
Postherpetic neuralgia : Authors' reply
Postherpetic neuralgia : Pathogenesis of postherpetic neuralgia should be determined
Postherpetic neuralgia : Treatment with amitriptyline is cheaper than with aciclovir
Postherpetic neuralgia : Why burden the pain clinic?
Could fewer islet cells be transplanted in type 1 diabetes? : Insulin independence should be dominant force in islet transplantation
Could fewer islet cells be transplanted in type 1 diabetes? : Author's reply
Non-combatants are often injured while clearing mines
Africa deserves better treatment from the West
Osteoporosis is a risk factor, not a disease
Refugee doctors find it hard to get back into practice
High dose methylprednisolone must be given for 24 or 48 hours after acute spinal cord injury
Television programmes could market breast feeding
Medical software's free future : All software developed at public's expense should be licensed as open source
Medical software's free future : More and better programmers are needed
Medical software's free future : Summary of rapid responses
Distinguishing between partial seizures and panic attacks : Psychotic and behavioural symptoms are also common in elderly patients
Distinguishing between partial seizures and panic attacks : Epileptic panic attacks are not limited to adults
Delivering bad news : Receiving bad news will always be unpleasant
Delivering bad news : Not all surgeons can counsel, and fewer psychotherapists can operate
Delivering bad news : Communication skills must be part of medical education in all specialties
Empathy is important for enablement
Radiation dose from depleted uranium can now be measured
Trial experience and recollection of consent
Most psychiatrists oppose plans for new mental health act
Alexander (Sandy) Wylie Logie
Samuel Geoffrey Bedford
Hilary Janet Davies
George Gregor Donaldson
Kenneth Charles Easton
Benjamin Sidney Good
Nicholas Hugh Gordon
Emanuel Silver
Robin Barker Smith
± Nothing
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Tobacco control in developing countries
DEAD: An End to Conveyor Belt Funerals
The Dying Process: Experiences of Patients in Palliative Care
Valuable voyeurism?
Intelligence, schizophrenia, and the corporate industry
Is ignorance bliss?
Everything you wanted to know about your anatomy but were too afraid to ask
Some diseases must declare themselves