Global campaign to eradicate malaria : Roll Back Malaria has achieved a high profile but little real action
Routine home treatment of deep vein thrombosis : Is now a reality
Written information for treating minor illness : Alone, it's not very valuable—but we shouldn't expect it to be
Protecting travellers from hepatitis A : Vaccine should be used for almost every occasion when prevention is required
GMC: approaching the abyss : Still worth saving? Perhaps, perhaps not
GP dossier says patients getting “second rate” service
Doctors explain their unhappiness
In brief
US spending on prescription drugs rose by 19% in 2000
Foreigners flock to Cuba for medical care
Registries will have to apply for right to collect patients' data without consent
Community health councils temporarily reprieved
Audit shows weaknesses in cervical cancer screening
Compression stockings may help prevent deep vein thrombosis
Ireland orders inquiry into “barbaric” obstetric practices
GMC to hold a meeting with its critics
Parathyroid hormone may prevent osteoporosis
Canada's parliament calls for tighter water standards
Editor resigns from post after tobacco gift
US approves new anti-leukaemia drug
US cancer care is worse due to more paperwork
Shipman inquiry to investigate 466 deaths
Outfoxing the government
Effects of legislation restricting pack sizes of paracetamol and salicylate on self poisoning in the United Kingdom: before and after study
Antipsychotic drugs and heart muscle disorder in international pharmacovigilance: data mining study
Effect of improved housing on illness in children under 5 years old in northern Malawi: cross sectional study
Eligibility for home treatment of deep vein thrombosis: prospective study
Pseudophaeochromocytoma syndrome associated with clozapine
Randomised controlled trial of self management leaflets and booklets for minor illness provided by post
Assessment of impact of information booklets on use of healthcare services: randomised controlled trial
Commentary: What's wrong with opting out?
Commentary: Public opinion may force researchers to seek “opt in” consent for all studies
Email submissions from outside the United Kingdom
On being 60
Microbubble contrast agents: a new era in ultrasound
Development of the epidemic
What to do when blood pressure is difficult to control
My namesake
Psychosocial and material pathways in the relation between income and health: a response to Lynch et al
Medical errors and medical culture
Medical errors and medical culture : An error of omission
Commentary: Learning to love mistakes
Commentary: Doctors are obliged to be honest with their patients
Commentary: A climate of secrecy undermines public trust
To diet for
Scientists attack Bush over U turn on climate change
Is quality of life determined by expectations or experience?
Don't say the W word
Lottery of NHS funding is inappropriate
Doctors should not advise adolescents to abstain from sex
Emergency contraception from pharmacists misses opportunity
Psychosocial impacts of chlamydia testing are important
Glycaemia and vascular effects of type 2 diabetes : Lowering glucose concentrations may not be of any value in itself
Glycaemia and vascular effects of type 2 diabetes : UKPDS is not a cohort study and analysis is misleading
Glycaemia and vascular effects of type 2 diabetes : Relation between diabetes and hyperglycaemia and cardiovascular disease has not been resolved
Glycaemia and vascular effects of type 2 diabetes : Authors' reply
Genetic contribution to osteoarthritis of the hip : Did ethics committee consult specialists?
Genetic contribution to osteoarthritis of the hip : Genetic contribution needs further investigation
Genetic contribution to osteoarthritis of the hip : Authors' reply
In praise of mercury sphygmomanometers : Appropriate sphygmomanometer should be selected
In praise of mercury sphygmomanometers : Electronic readings of blood pressure seem to be higher than readings obtained with mercury sphygmomanometers
Marketing studies and scientific research must be distinct
All NHS consultants must have equal entitlement to awards
John Gardner Connell
Arthur Percy Douglas-Jones
Leslie Doyle
Reuben Sougin Mibashan
John Valentine Ryan
Frank Seymour
Esther Smith
Norman Joyce Townsley
John Walls
John Battle Wilkinson
A Study of Story Telling, Humour and Learning in Medicine: H M Queen Mother Fellowship, Eighth Lecture
The Blood of Strangers: True Stories from the Emergency Room
Severed Trust: Why American Medicine Hasn't Been Fixed
The execution of Timothy McVeigh: must see TV?
Poverty: making a difference
The NHS revisited
Death in the parlour