Is the two week rule for cancer referrals working? : Not too well
Adoption : The opportunity to give a child a second chance deserves health and social support
The continuing global challenge of injury : The UK is lagging behind
Iatrogenic vCJD from surgical instruments : The risk is unknown, but improved decontamination will help reduce the risk
Fatigue in cancer : Like pain, this is a symptom that physicians can and should manage
UK attacked for lack of injury prevention strategy
AMA split by dispute between chief and board of trustees
In brief
Guidance issued on feeding of sick newborn babies
Flexible jobs needed to retain women doctors
Minorities get preferential admission to US medical schools
Report attacked for vested interests of its backers
UK government attacked for failing to introduce tobacco bill
Invasive procedures carried out on children without anaesthesia
Public thinks genetic testing is “a step too far”
GPs demand that the government cut their workload
Counterfeit pharmaceuticals flood Russian market
GMC member forced to stand down from disciplinary panel
Healthy woman dies in research experiment
Prisoner dies after “seriously deficient” care
Dutch patients travel to Spain for orthopaedic surgery
Public inquiry hears how Shipman killed patients with diamorphine
Ban on human reproductive cloning demanded
AMA demands change in drug advertisements
Effect of zinc supplementation on malaria and other causes of morbidity in west African children: randomised double blind placebo controlled trial
Mobile intensive care units
The most difficult of arts, reigning
The family doctor
Randomised trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice and Lactobacillus GG drink for the prevention of urinary tract infections in women
Randomised trial of acupuncture compared with conventional massage and “sham” laser acupuncture for treatment of chronic neck pain
Commentary: Controls for acupuncture—can we finally see the light?
Specialist registrars' plans for working part time as consultants in medical specialties: questionnaire study
Improving the quality of care through clinical governance
Managing testicular cancer
Depot corticosteroid treatment for hay fever causing avascular necrosis of both hips
Reye's syndrome and aspirin: lest we forget
The finances of the General Medical Council
Public health does not need to be led by doctors
Public health does not need to be led by doctors : For
Public health does not need to be led by doctors : Against
Summarising economic evaluations in systematic reviews: a new approach
Is it cracked, broken, or fractured?
GMC: approaching the abyss : Preservation is well worth the effort
GMC: approaching the abyss : People should be wary of the alternative
GMC: approaching the abyss : GMC: keeping feet on firm ground
GMC: approaching the abyss : Time to go
GMC: approaching the abyss : Australia may show way foward for the United Kingdom
Assessing clinical competence and revalidation of clinicians : Simulated surgeries would have advantages
Assessing clinical competence and revalidation of clinicians : Video assessments might be effective screening method
Assessing clinical competence and revalidation of clinicians : Authors' reply
Assessing clinical competence and revalidation of clinicians : Results from pilot study using portfolio and 360° questionnaire
GMC's guidance may inhibit research
Optimising management of delirium : Placebo controlled trials of pharmacological treatments are needed
Optimising management of delirium : Patients with delirium should be treated with care
Optimising management of delirium : Author's reply
Optimising management of delirium : Withdrawal of Droleptan (droperidol)
Animal research : Journal editors could help raise profile of three Rs of animal research
Animal research : Ethics committees have influenced animal experiments in Sweden
Animal research : Three Rs should be registration, randomisation, and reviews (systematic)
Animal research : Would middle ground approach give “added value”?
Animal research : More funding must go towards finding alternative non-animal methods
Animal research : Various fallacies persist in vivisection debate
Wyeth responds to news story on oral contraceptives and DVT
C reactive protein and acute phase of ischaemic stroke
What's in a name? : To be medicine for the elderly, or not to be
What's in a name? : Tautology, or not tautology
Donald Rose Beaton
Raymond Hierons
John Langlois Montagnon
Terry Ramsell
David Christopher Williams
Sylvia Mary Joseph Reid
Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and its Revival as a Vital Medicine
Making Clinical Governance Work for You
Educating for Professionalism: Creating a Culture of Humanism in Medical Education
ABC Africa
Lesbian doctors get a role model
The effects of consumerism
Is it time for evidence based medical registration?
Let the hair sit