Exercise for intermittent claudication : Supervised programmes should be universally available
Screening for cancer in venous thromboembolic disease : The incidence is higher but intensive screening isn't warranted
Wrong biochemistry results : Interference in immunoassays is insidious and could adversely affect patient care
Monitoring the safety of over the counter drugs : We need a better way than spontaneous reports
Preventive home visits to elderly people : Their effectiveness cannot be judged by randomised controlled trials
England introduces star system for hospital trusts
Breast clinic director accused of bullying and incompetence
In brief
Exercise and cognitive behaviour therapy are best treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome
Belgium cuts antibiotic use by 12%
Delay in GMC hearing breached doctor's human rights
Fake cows help to reduce sleeping sickness and use of insecticides
Separate vaccines could endanger children
Surgeons perform transatlantic operation using fibreoptics
China admits its AIDS crisis
India wakes up to threat of bioterrorism
Randomised controlled trial of specialist nurse intervention in heart failure
Effectiveness of home based support for older people: systematic review and meta-analysis
Commentary: When, where, and why do preventive home visits work?
Attitudes and training of research fellows in surgery: national questionnaire survey
Analysis of cord blood gas at delivery: questionnaire study of practice in the United Kingdom
The danger of good people
A certainty
Challenge of culture, conscience, and contract to general practitioners' care of their own health: qualitative study
More on pre-mortal provision
Artificial limbs
Life expectancy rates show health inequalities
The public health benefits of mobile phones
Oesophagus: Heartburn
Raising standards in emergency relief: how useful are Sphere minimum standards for humanitarian assistance?
Wrong SIGN, NICE mess: is national guidance distorting allocation of resources?
Complexity, leadership, and management in healthcare organisations
The final quip
British practitioners in Italy
Beyond the blame culture?
Prostatic symptoms : Essential simple investigations were not mentioned
Prostatic symptoms : All possible causes of lower urinary tract symptoms must be investigated
Prostatic symptoms : Isn't use of prostate specific antigen tests just screening by the back door?
Prostatic symptoms : Author's reply
Community pharmacy supply of emergency contraception : Impact of emergency contraception on women's and men's behaviour requires further exploration
Community pharmacy supply of emergency contraception : Collaboration is vital
Family history and risk of venous thromboembolism with oral contraception : Family history is important tool
Family history and risk of venous thromboembolism with oral contraception : Author's reply
Author's reply to criticism of study on benzodiazepines and risk of hip fracture
Journal should show balance, not bias, when reporting on PFI
Implementing clinical governance : Intellectual discussion would have been useful
Implementing clinical governance : Medical training should include project management
Perineal massage in pregnancy : Such massage significantly decreases perineal trauma at birth
Perineal massage in pregnancy : True incidence of third degree tears should be ascertained
Removal from a GP's list: qualitative research is needed
Duodenal haematoma occurs in children with bicycle injuries
Systematic reviews and Cochrane Collaboration : Cochrane Library is now available free to people working in NHS
Systematic reviews and Cochrane Collaboration : Free full text access to Cochrane articles is available to all health professionals
Doctors should not participate in executions
Plight of Afghan people must not be forgotten
Robert James Etheridge
Arthur Henry Ferguson-Gow
Leo Max Honigsberger
Charles Richard Knappett
David Le Vay
The Politics of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia
Relapse and Recovery in Addictions
Not made to measure
Humanitarian aid