The World Trade Organization's health agenda
National smoking cessation services at risk
Treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Promoting normality in childbirth
Participation of patients in decisions about treatment for cancer
Statins are the new aspirin, Oxford researchers say
Standards watchdog to get a bigger role in NHS
In brief
Kyoto protocol ready for ratification after Marrakesh
WTO relaxes rule on drug patents
Heart pumps improve survival in patients with severe heart failure
Controversy hits van Velzen cystic fibrosis paper
US government moves against doctor assisted suicide
Abortion clinics fail to meet standards
The moderniser
Interferon alfa with or without ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C: systematic review of randomised trials
Unwanted caesarean sections among public and private patients in Brazil: prospective study
Accuracy of a single question in screening for depression in a cohort of patients after stroke: comparative study
Should elderly patients be told they have cancer? Questionnaire survey of older people
The campaign against rats
Primary care in Bradford: from group to trust and beyond
Scientific spirit
Treatment of chronic hepatitis
Evidence based management of nocturnal enuresis
Upper abdominal pain: Gall bladder
-ize right
Criminalisation of HIV transmission: implications for public health in Scotland
Prospective health impact assessment: pitfalls, problems, and possible ways forward
Just in time
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Risk of adverse birth outcomes in populations living near landfill sites
Heavy drinking by young British women gives cause for concern
Full time forensic pathology service needs to be established
Nodular thyroid disease
Nodular thyroid disease
Electronic patient records in general practice
Electronic patient records in general practice
Electronic patient records in general practice
Patient passports would alert doctors to previous bone marrow transplantation
Vocational rehabilitation
Vocational rehabilitation
Vocational rehabilitation
Evidence based policy: don't be timid
Declaring competing interests
Declaring competing interests
Breast feeding must consider HIV transmission in Latin America and the Caribbean
Systematic reviews of evaluations of diagnostic and screening tests
Systematic reviews of evaluations of diagnostic and screening tests
Uptake of antenatal screening for HIV infection can be high outside London too
Increasing email consultations may marginalise more people
Moses baskets are a potential health hazard
Temple Theodore “Tim” Stamm
Chalmers Davidson
Trevor Davies
John Wanless Dickson
Richard Leigh
Joyce McQuillin
B K Naik
Shirley Storrier (née Clarke)
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Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century
Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome
Beyond Six Billion: Forecasting the World's Population
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