Empirical treatment of uncomplicated cystitis : Keep it simple
Fortification of flour with folic acid : A controlled field trial is needed
Passing the contractual buck : Alan Milburn's move may help improve relations with the profession
Preserving fertility in children treated for cancer : Preventing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy on gonadal function
Updating guidelines on stable angina : β Blockers are the first choice for regular treatment
UK legislation planned to outlaw human reproductive cloning
Doctors object to companies offering to store cord blood
In brief
Aspirin and warfarin equally good for stroke patients
Johns Hopkins admits scientist used Indian patients as guinea pigs
Doctors urge caution in interpretation of league tables
Excess winter deaths linked to temperatures in cold homes
The change merchant
Prevalence of antibodies to hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV and risk factors in entrants to Irish prisons: a national cross sectional survey
Commentary: efficient research gives direction on prisoners' and the wider public health—except in England and Wales
Long term mortality of mothers and fathers after pre-eclampsia: population based cohort study
Commentary: Pre-eclampsia and cardiovascular disease later in life: who is at risk?
Differences between perspectives of physicians and patients on anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrillation: observational study
Commentary: Varied preferences reflect the reality of clinical practice
Laparoscopic performance after one night on call in a surgical department: prospective study
Email submissions from outside the United Kingdom
“Much better after seeing you, Doctor”
A laboratory based intervention to improve appropriateness of lipid tests and audit cholesterol lowering in primary care
Nothing said
Evidence based management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
The physiology of marching
Children at risk: in the heat of the moment
Indigestion and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
The diagnostic sign was in the other room
Ethics of using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select a stem cell donor for an existing person
The physician assistant: would the US model meet the needs of the NHS?
Withdrawing life sustaining treatment and euthanasia debate : Euthanasia may be ethical, but it is not legal
Withdrawing life sustaining treatment and euthanasia debate : Doctrine of double effect should be discarded
Withdrawing life sustaining treatment and euthanasia debate : Double effect is different from euthanasia
Withdrawing life sustaining treatment and euthanasia debate : Role of paralysis during withdrawal of care needs clarifying, not polarising
Withdrawing life sustaining treatment and euthanasia debate : Neuromuscular blockade must be used with adequate sedation and analgesia
Cannabinoids in pain management : Study was bound to conclude that cannabinoids had limited efficacy
Cannabinoids in pain management : Few well controlled trials of cannabis exist for systematic review
Cannabinoids in pain management : Spasticity is not the same as pain
Cannabinoids in pain management : Cannabinoid receptor agonists will soon find their place in modern medicine
Cannabinoids in pain management : Authors' reply
Rehabilitation for chronic low back pain : Review was of little help in selecting treatment
Rehabilitation for chronic low back pain : Authors' reply
Scientific debate on animal model in research is needed
Collaboration with the Campbell Collaboration : tk;4Campbell principles are applied in West Midlands through public health research forum
Collaboration with the Campbell Collaboration : EPPI Centre reviews will aim to disseminate systematic reviews in education
Duchenne muscular dystrophy: relevant paper was not included
Are randomised controlled trials in the BMJ different?
Harvesting organs from recently executed prisoners : Practice must be stopped
Harvesting organs from recently executed prisoners : Opportunities to offer support to members from the China Medical Association have been limited
Jack Suchet
William Martin Beattie
Christina Bernard (née Russell)
Wilfred John Dally
Charles James Constantine Davey
Ian Michael Elliott
Abul Quasem Syed Mohammed Harun
Jamie William Jarvie Smith
Harris Waters
Medicine and the German Jews: A History
Sponsored journalism award shocks Australian media
Selling drugs—with a little help from a journalist
A complaint about drug company advertising
Le Beau Doc Sans Merci