Aetiology of coronary heart disease : Fetal and infant growth and socioeconomic factors in adult life may act together
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : Another reorganisation involving unhappy managers can only worsen the service
Redefining leadership in health care : Leadership is not the same as browbeating
Managing intersex : Most vaginal surgery in childhood should be deferred
The European working time directive for doctors in training : We will need more doctors and better organisation to comply with the law
US scientists clone first human embryo
NHS to receive higher share of public spending, Brown says
In brief
A third of surgeons in New South Wales admit to euthanasia
AMA's new chief executive draws criticism
Mothers who kill their children can show intense grief
NSAIDs can lower risk of Alzheimer's
AIDS now fourth biggest killer worldwide, report says
Scientists develop a “vaccine” against diabetes
Mortality in North Korea rises by 40% in seven years
Size at birth and resilience to effects of poor living conditions in adult life: longitudinal study
Measuring later health status of high risk infants: randomised comparison of two simple methods of data collection
Implications of childhood obesity for adult health: findings from thousand families cohort study
Access to infertility investigations and treatment in couples infected with HIV: questionnaire survey
Frequency of eating and concentrations of serum cholesterol in the Norfolk population of the European prospective investigation into cancer (EPIC-Norfolk): cross sectional study
A chameleon
Cellular immunotherapy for cancer
Miguel de Cervantes, hydropsy, and Thomas Sydenham
Indigestion: When is it functional?
To cure a mockingbird
Information given to patients before appointments and its effect on non-attendance rate
NICE: faster access to modern treatments? Analysis of guidance on health technologies
Prescriptions with potential drug interactions dispensed at Swedish pharmacies in January 1999: cross sectional study
Revisiting the Cochrane Collaboration
Prospective health impact assessment: pitfalls, problems, and possible ways forward
Referral of Dr Peter Mansfield to the GMC : Health authority has no power
Referral of Dr Peter Mansfield to the GMC : Health authority made right decision
Referral of Dr Peter Mansfield to the GMC : Doctors seem to have to march in step
Referral of Dr Peter Mansfield to the GMC : Should decision on vaccination be best for you or us?
Referral of Dr Peter Mansfield to the GMC : Referral constitutes abuse of power
How best to organise acute hospital services? : Models of healthcare delivery need to be compared in trials
How best to organise acute hospital services? : Real time teleneurology can help small hospitals
How best to organise acute hospital services? : Kidderminster is ideal site for pilot trial
How best to organise acute hospital services? : Radical thinking already exists in Kidderminster
Acupuncture for treatment of chronic neck pain : Reanalysis of data suggests that effect is not a placebo effect
Acupuncture for treatment of chronic neck pain : Authors' reply
Vaginal delivery after caesarean section : Study's focus on induction v spontaneous labour neglects spontaneous delivery
Vaginal delivery after caesarean section : Safety of single-layer suturing in caesarean sections must be proved
Second diphtheria booster in adults raises immunity to 92%
Risk of macular degeneration with statin use should be interpreted with caution
Some children may not have had meningococcal C vaccine
Journals should see original protocols for clinical trials
Doctors seem not to be punished for dishonesty in their cv
Membership of GMC seems to confer extra-long life
Jeffrey Isner
Salem F Al-Damluji
Michael William Leitrim Clements
Caroline Stevenson Duff
John Gordon Edgar
Penelope Hammick
Eric Theodore Knudsen
Alastair Mackintosh Suttie
Roger West
John Deryk Wallace Whitney
A Mind So Rare: The Evolution of Human Consciousness
A History of Surgery
The Cloning Sourcebook
Bullying in medicine
Childhood obesity
Pills to Africa: how to donate effectively
Passing out parade