Iron deficiency and impaired child development : The relation may be causal, but it may not be a priority for intervention
Smoking in teenagers and watching films showing smoking : Hollywood needs to stop promoting smoking worldwide
Funding medicines for people with multiple sclerosis : Providing outcome guarantees may help fund innovative treatment
Updating guidelines on asthma in adults : Evidence based guidelines are being updated—as they should be
Hormone replacement therapy and the breast : We should worry about the increase in the risk of breast cancer
Review of cancer services shows poor coordination in NHS
“Existential” suffering not a justification for euthanasia
Highest French court awards compensation for “being born”
In brief
Head of the Medical Council of India removed for corruption
Doctors sceptical that new policy will greatly increase choice
Blinding trachoma almost eliminated from Morocco
Rates of liver cirrhosis rise in England, fall in Europe
Doctor wins battle against GMC's decision to strike him off
Effects of iron supplementation and anthelmintic treatment on motor and language development of preschool children in Zanzibar: double blind, placebo controlled study
Asking the right questions
Effect of seeing tobacco use in films on trying smoking among adolescents: cross sectional study
Effect of social class at birth on risk and presentation of schizophrenia: case-control study
The impact of new drugs on management of glaucoma in Scotland: observational study
Good Lord, deliver us
Randomised comparison of three methods of administering a screening questionnaire to elderly people: findings from the MRC trial of the assessment and management of older people in the community
Some memorable advice
First episode psychosis
Genetics and cardiovascular risk
Cancer of the stomach and pancreas
Fair partnerships support ethical research
Gains and losses for rights of consumer and research participants
Research will be impeded
Some clauses will hinder development of new drugs and vaccines
Understanding the toll of premature death among men in eastern Europe
The importance of keeping contemporaneous records
Monitoring clinical trials : Dissemination of decisions on interim analyses needs wider debate
Monitoring clinical trials : Interim data should not be publicly available
Monitoring clinical trials : Caution may be warranted in releasing interim trial data
Monitoring clinical trials : Several points are contentious
Monitoring clinical trials : Interim data are at least as important as interim analyses
Monitoring clinical trials : Latest data from START trial should be made available
Getting consent for necropsies : Perhaps we should seek consent to show necropsies to students
Getting consent for necropsies : Most relatives give consent once reasons for necropsy are explained
Getting consent for necropsies : Bereavement teams might ask for consent for necropsy
Genetics mediate relation of birth weight to childhood IQ
Quality of care for people with dementia : Change in attitude is needed
Quality of care for people with dementia : Dementia care mapping is inadequate tool for research
Quality of care for people with dementia : Registries charting epidemiological trends and benchmark outcomes are required
Teenage pregnancy is not a public health problem
National service frameworks : Framework's claim that GPs should devote more time to preventing coronary heart disease needs scrutiny
National service frameworks : National service framework for older people is worth a try
Don't GPs have to be good clinicians any more?
Charles A Crenshaw
Thomas Snowdon Blaiklock
Walter Vincent Cuschieri
Paul Francis Heffron
Colin Hindson
George Hamilton Hughes
Esther Kerr
Kalyanasundaram Subra Mani
William (“Bill”) McKellar
George William Senter
Men's Health Journal
Integrated Cancer Care: Holistic, Complementary and Creative Approaches
Holding Health Care Accountable: Law and the New Medical Marketplace
Signs of Life
Vincent's bandage
The information gap
In praise of books
Clients on diets